3 Benefits of Helical Piers

3 Benefits of Helical Piers

There are few things more important to the structure of your home than your foundation. If your foundation is sunken, the structural integrity of your home is in danger. Fortunately, the right foundation contractors and the right technology can help to strengthen that foundation, protecting the rest of your home. Helical piers are frequently favored by architects, builders, and contractors, for a number of reasons. These are made of heavy-duty steel and screwed into the ground to reinforce the foundation. Today, let’s delve into three benefits of helical piers.

Easy Installation

Helical piers are made with heavy-duty steel but they are not so large and heavy that they have to be moved to the location with complicated machinery. Because they’re steel, they can also be installed in any weather. This makes them a remarkably quick and easy installation for the installation crew and a painless home improvement project for the homeowner. You also won’t have to wait for helical piers to harden as you might concrete. And because the materials themselves are relatively small, they’re great for limited access installations.

Heavy-Duty and Durable

In order to raise the sunken foundation, helical piers need to be quite strong. A foundation in need of repair needs stability in order to be repaired smoothly. Fortunately, this is exactly what helical piers provide. With their heavy duty steel and natural durability, they provide all the stability needed to accomplish the job and do it well. They’re also screwed deep into the ground, providing more reliable load-bearing capacities.

Deeper Foundation

The deeper the foundation, the better the load-bearing capacity of the structure. Fortunately, because helical piers are installed vertically, are durable, and are screwed into the ground, they offer a deeper foundation that allows for more load-bearing capacity. This will be beneficial for your house as a whole, and you’ll find that you’ll worry less about what your foundation can and cannot handle throughout your time there.

Even strong helical piers mean little without the right installation crew. Fortunately, Childers Brothers, Inc. has been in the business of home foundations for over 48 years and has a commitment to excellence. Contact us today to learn more about our foundation repair solutions like helical piers or to schedule a free estimate.

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