15,000+ Satisfied Customers In 5 Decades
Doesn’t Happen By Accident

It’s The Result Of Holding True To The Customer-First,
Customer-Always Values We Set On Day One.

How Two Brothers Evolved A Modest Painting Company
Into The Texas Panhandle’s All-Time Biggest,
Most Innovative Foundation Contractor…

We may be a 50-year-old company, but one thing’s for sure: We’re the rare Amarillo-area foundation contractor willing to evolve as our customers’ needs evolve. Always have been. Always will be.

We’ll explain.

Childers Brothers began life as a painting/house-moving company in the late 1960s. Brothers Gaylon and Darrol were the founders, and they ran separate sides of the business—Gaylon handled the painting, while Darrol moved houses.

Gaylon and Darrol were people pleasers. They’d move mountains for customers. As long as the customer was happy, nothing else mattered.

This is why Gaylon ALWAYS performed cosmetic crack repairs to customers’ walls before he painted. Simply painting over them? Not an option. Not with Gaylon.

Gaylon’s the kind of guy with Sherlock-Holmes-levels of curiosity. After repairing wall cracks for dozens of homeowners, Gaylon started wondering why these cracks formed. Sure, some were the result of normal wear and tear. But Gaylon knew the more serious ones had to have an underlying cause… a problem that customers desperately needed to get fixed and likely didn’t know about.

That’s when Gaylon began playing detective. He started taking note of other problems his customers were experiencing: sticking windows and doors, sagging floors, tilting chimneys, and so on. All these signs pointed Gaylon in one direction: foundation trouble.


Gaylon’s razor-sharp instincts were right. Many Childers Brothers customers needed much more than a run-of-the-mill cosmetic crack repair… they needed substantial foundation repair.

This sparked the formation of the Childers Brothers you know today. There were hundreds of house painters in the Amarillo area… but next to no foundation repair companies. So in 1972, Gaylon and Darrol transformed Childers Brothers into a full-fledged foundation repair company. Not for money. Not for convenience. But because that’s what homeowners needed the company to be.

A Five-Decades Work In Progress

There are two things you should know about foundation repair:

  1. No one-size-fits-all solution exists. Foundation trouble [Signs Of Foundation Trouble] can happen for many wildly different reasons—all of which can call for wildly different remedies. As a result, a good foundation company must offer multiple solutions AND have the ability to determine which solution is right for which problem.
  2. Foundation repair is NOT a static industry. Technology, techniques, and customer needs evolve… fast. If you’re a company unwilling to constantly develop your skills and services, the industry will leave you in the dust… fast.

Gaylon and Darrol understood this, so they knew Childers Brothers would always be a work in progress. It didn’t matter if the company was head and shoulders above the competition. There would ALWAYS be room to learn and grow… and ZERO room for complacency.

So they made a commitment: Always aim to improve. Never settle for “good enough.” Hone and perfect a comprehensive set of proven foundation repair services. And stay on the cutting-edge of industry standards at ALL times.

Foundation Repair For You, The Modern Homeowner.

Innovation was one of the company’s Core Values when it was formed—and it remains a Core Value to this day.

Childers Brothers is now a second-generation family-owned business. In 2018, Gaylon’s daughter Melissa and her husband Cory took over the company. They pledged to carry on the tradition of evolving the company as our customers’ needs evolve.

Mission: Accomplished.

You can see it in the state-of-the-art technology we use during your 27-Point Analysis. You can see it in our insistence on using the best and most state-of-the-art products. You can see it in how we constantly train our top technicians in the latest and greatest industry practices.

Perhaps most of all, you can see how we evolve with the times in how we treat you. We may have stayed current with our techniques and products, but one thing is certain: We still have that same “move mountains for customers” attitude Gaylon and Darrol did when they began painting houses in the late 1960s. We simply will not rest until you are completely, totally, 100% satisfied.

If that sounds like the kind of Amarillo-area foundation repair company you’re looking for, get in touch. We’d be honored to hear from you and have the chance to provide you with a free 27-Point Analysis. No pressure. No games. No gimmicks. Just honest advice and an expert recommendation… the way Gaylon and Darrol would want.

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