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3 Questions About Concrete Coating Repair Answered

3 Questions About Concrete Coating Repair Answered

Does your concrete look old, faded, and cracked? The right concrete coating will give it the fresh facelift it needs to truly stand out. At Childers Brothers, Inc., we’re experts when it comes to concrete coating repair. Because of this, our customers feel comfortable coming to us with any questions they might have about concrete coating repair, knowing we’ll be able to offer the answer. Here are some of the questions we often hear from our customers:

How Do You Avoid Blistering?

Concrete coating done right shines. It looks so smooth you can often see yourself in it. But if concrete coating repair is rushed, it can result in blisters and even peeling coating. So how do we achieve our smooth finish? It comes down to the curing of the concrete. The general rule for new concrete is to give it 28 days before applying a finishing coating to allow the concrete to cure. However, in some cases, the concrete might not quite be cured after 28 days. We’ll test the humidity first and take all precautions to make sure that moisture doesn’t come in contact with the concrete while applying coating.

How Soon Can I Use the Floor After Coating Is Applied?

Of course, the concrete coating isn’t just there to look nice. Your floor exists to be walked on. Many epoxy concrete coatings require a week to cure before they can be walked on. At Childers Brothers, we offer polyurea concrete coatings in part because they can cure within a day. Four hours after application, you can walk on these floors. Is your concrete coating for your driveway? You can generally drive across the coating within just 24 hours!

What Colors and Textures Are Available?

Style is also a consideration when it comes to concrete coating repair. Plain gray concrete can feel dull and lifeless. The point of concrete coating — besides offering a protective barrier — is to give life to that concrete. The color and texture options available depend on the concrete coating you choose. For instance, our chip coating has a rich chipped texture that almost resembles an orange peel. Quartz coating has a natural texture, while metal coating can mimic marbelized looks or even the atmosphere of softly rolling waters. Even solid epoxy concrete coating can come in a range of colors. With so many options, you’re bound to find a style that suits you.

Have any more questions? Check out all the concrete coating options we offer or contact Childers Brothers today for more information or a free quote.

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