4 Questions To Ask Any West Texas Foundation Repair Company


4 Questions To Ask A West Texas Foundation Repair Company

4 Questions To Ask A West Texas Foundation Repair Company

Asking These Will Help You Filter Out The Low-Quality Contractors.

Are you a West Texas homeowner who needs foundation repair? If so, there’s one thing to keep in mind…

Not all foundation repair companies are created equal. Not by a long shot.

You have a few ways to determine the quality of a company BEFORE you contact them. Online reviews are a good source.

The company’s Better Business Bureau rating is another.

Still, vetting a company’s online reputation isn’t a 100% foolproof way to filter out the low-quality companies. That’s why we’ve created a list of 4 questions you’ll want to ask any foundation repair company you set an appointment with.

By asking these questions, you’ll easily be able to separate the GOOD companies from the pretenders.

Let’s get started…

#1: What Is Your Foundation Inspection Process?

There is no “one size fits all” foundation repair method. Determining the right solution requires an accurate diagnosis.

For example, is your foundation sinking or heaving? Because that makes a BIG difference in determining the method of repair.

If the contractor only spends a few minutes doing a “surface-level” inspection of your home, that’s not a very promising sign. It means they came to your home with a solution already in mind BEFORE seeing your home. This is where “square pegs” meet “round holes.”

To prove to you how important a PROPER foundation inspection is, consider this: At Childers Brothers, we conduct a 27-Point Analysis of your foundation and home.

We use all kinds of tools and technology to assess the exact extent of your issue. It’s the ONLY way to ensure we develop the proper, science-based solution for your repair.

#2: What Are Your Foundation Repair Methods?

Just like foundation contractors, not all foundation repair methods are created equal. Some solutions are quality. Others, not so much.

That said, you should ALWAYS stay away from companies that use concrete shoring pads and/or concrete push piles. These are low-quality solutions that fail.

If your foundation is sinking, you’ll want to choose a company that specializes in helical piers. Helical piers are the Michael Jordan or Tom Brady of foundation repair methods—they’re the best of the best.

A few reasons why helical piers are so reliable:

  • They rely on torque—not the weight of your home—to be driven into the ground
  • They can go as deep as necessary to reach proper load-bearing strata
  • They’re made of exceptionally strong metal and have a 2-to-1 safety factor (meaning they can carry at least DOUBLE the industry-standard weight)

Here’s an example of how reliable helical piers are. We’ve installed WELL over 15,000 of them on customers’ homes over the decades. And literally just ONE helical pier has failed in that time. That’s less than one-tenth of one percent!

#3: How Long Have You Been In Business?

50 Years Of ExperienceThis industry is filled with fly-by-night contractors who are here one day, gone the next. When these companies close up shop, they leave their customers in the lurch if there is a problem.

That’s why it’s important to ask how long a company has been in business. You want a company that will be there any time you need them. Plus, the longer they’ve been in business, the more experience they have with foundation repair. And more experience is always a good thing.

For proof of that, consider that Childers Brothers has been in business since 1972. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for providing top-notch repair and workmanship. The reason we’re able to deliver for our customers is our unrivaled experience. Simply put, we’ve seen it all, done it all, and FIXED it all.

#4: Who Are Your Technicians?

Many companies outsource your foundation repair to inexperienced subcontractors. They do this so they can pay the subs a cheap wage and save on labor costs.

Good for them. Not good for you.

Foundation repair is a science. If it’s put in untrained, unqualified hands, the results can be disastrous. Then you end up having to pay to repair the repair!

What kind of company DO you want? One whose technicians are trained, experienced, and actual EMPLOYEES. In-house technicians are almost always more skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate about foundation repair. Their #1 priority is solving your foundation issue RIGHT. Period.

Before You Chose Us, Feel Free To GRILL Us

Foundation repair can be a sizable investment. So you deserve to feel 100% confident in the company you select.

If you choose to contact us for a no-cost inspection and estimate, feel free to ask us any of the questions in this article. And then some.

We WANT you to know everything about who we are, how we operate, and the kind of results we deliver. After all… it’s YOUR home. You have the right to know who’s going to be working on it.

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