5-Star Concrete Coatings: A Childers Brothers Company!


5-Star Concrete Coatings: A Childers Brothers Company

5-Star Concrete Coatings: A Childers Brothers Company

Get To Know More About Our Concrete-Coating Division.


Did you know that in addition to foundation repair, we also offer premium-quality concrete coating in Lubbock and Amarillo?

In fact, we’ve dedicated a sister company solely to it: 5-Star Concrete Coatings.

From garages to pool decks to patios, 5-Star Concrete Coatings provides top-notch concrete coating services. We utilize Penntek products, which are the most trusted in the industry. Penntek concrete coating is USA-made and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. They offer a wide variety of coating systems, including…

  • Chip Coating Systems
  • Quartz Coating Systems
  • Metallic Coating Systems
  • Solid Color Epoxy Coating Systems
  • Solid Color Polyurea Coating Systems

5-Star Concrete Coating - Penntek Garage Floor Coating Chip System Amarillo

5-Star Concrete Coating & Penntek: The Perfect Match

You can trust that we’ll coat your concrete with absolutely stellar workmanship.


Because Penntek trusts us!

Not just any company can use Penntek concrete coating products. Penntek makes all companies undergo strict testing and certification to be able to sell their products.

This is precisely the kind of company we LOVE to be in business with. They genuinely care about whose hands their products are in. Penntek manufacturers the best concrete coating systems, and they want only the best contractors using them.

5-Star Concrete Coating - Penntek Garage Floor Coating - Walkway Amarillo

Why Coat Your Concrete?

Aesthetics: Concrete coating enhances the look of any area in which it’s installed. It boosts your property’s curb appeal and value… BIG TIME.

No Maintenance: Penntek concrete coating is designed to LAST with no elbow grease on your end. It’s also easy to clean, skid-resistant, and slip-resistant.

Quick Curing: Our polyurea coating systems cure in just one day. You can walk on them within four hours of installation, and drive on them within 24 hours.

Looks That Last: Penntek concrete coating systems come with a lifetime warranty on discoloration from UV rays. We also finish off the coating system with a topcoat that resists chemicals, bacteria, abrasions, and more.

For more information about our 5-Star Concrete Coatings division, visit the official website. You can also find out more on our Childers Brothers Concrete Coating page. It’s the same service, same products, and same people!

Bottom line…

5-Star Concrete Coating is a company owned by the same folks that homeowners have trusted with foundation repair since 1972. Lubbock and Amarillo homeowners know that if it’s from Childers Brothers, it’s a company operated with integrity, quality, and customer-first values.

If that sounds like the kind of concrete-coating company you’re looking for, get in touch on either the 5-Star Concrete Coating site or the Childers Brothers contact page.

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