6 Costly Concrete Coating Myths Homeowners Need To Avoid


6 Costly Concrete Coating Myths Homeowners Need To Avoid!

6 Costly Concrete Coating Myths Homeowners Need To Avoid!

If you’re considering residential concrete coatings, there are six myths you’re likely to come across. These myths, ironically, are pushed by marketing companies for low-quality concrete repair products.

As one of the biggest independently-owned foundation-repair companies within a 300-mile radius of Amarillo, TX, Childers Brothers is here to help set the record straight.

We want to help you steer clear of these myths and make the best investment in your concrete possible.

Let’s dive right in.


Myth #1 — “Concrete coatings are costly and unnecessary.

The Truth — “Protecting your concrete is a no-brainer. Just get the RIGHT coating.

Did you know concrete is the second most used material in human society? The first is water! Anyone telling you quality concrete coatings is too costly and unnecessary is either trying to sell you something or they are just naive.

  • Have they owned a home with any non-foundation concrete for any length of time?
  • Have they ever had to care for a high-traffic concrete patio, garage, basement, or driveway?
  • Have they done the math on proper maintenance and protection vs. ‘rip & replace’ or constant repairs like mudjacking?

Perhaps they had a bad experience with a cheap, low-quality, low-durability DIY concrete coating kit. This is, unfortunately, STILL common. On the other end of the spectrum are homeowners who purchase expensive heavy-duty coatings that ARE costly and unnecessary… for their needs.

This leads us to the second most common concrete coating myth homeowners fall prey to.


Myth #2 — “All concrete coatings are basically the same!

The Truth — “There is a large variety of residential, industrial, and commercial coatings.

In the residential market, concrete coatings are like any other solution in the homeowner’s toolbelt. Are all roofing systems equal? How about siding? Are all the products we use to protect solid wood vanities and antiques the same?

When you look at the topcoats for residential concrete, you’ve got six primary material options. Each will come in a range of products from cheap to high-grade.

  • Polished Concrete Coatings
  • Grind, Stain, & Seal Concrete Coatings
  • Flake Concrete Coatings
  • Old Fashioned Paint & Sealer Options
  • Concrete Overlayments & Micro-Toppings
  • Epoxy Concrete Coatings (Solid, Metallic, Marbleized, etc.)

Epoxies alone come in an astounding amount of different state-of-the-art systems: one-part systems that require no mixing, breathable epoxies, and fast-setting ‘12-hour Drying’ systems.

Does a 100% solid epoxy resin with metallic pigments sound nice?

How about one that glows in the dark?

Have a look at our Concrete Coating Page for examples that work in many different settings.

  • A three-layer vinyl Chip Coating System that delivers the beautiful look of granite and the durability to resist chemicals and heavy foot traffic. Our chip coating is crafted from 100% solid polyurea and specially made for extreme adhesion and quick curing time.
  • A five-layer polyurea Quartz Coating System for extreme slip-resistance and durability.
  • A Metallic Coating System that can give your concrete a special 3D-marbleized look, bold colors, and high-gloss finish.
  • A Solid Color Epoxy Coating System that provides extreme long-term adhesion and is practical in hot and cold temperatures.
  • A Solid Color Polyurea Coating System that can be installed in one day. These are high-strength and boldly beautiful concrete treatments.

There is a lot more to the story than first meets the eye. Half the battle for homeowners is finding a reputable Concrete Coating Contractor like Childers Brothers who they can trust.


Myth #3 — “With concrete coatings, peeling is inevitable.

The Truth — “Our concrete coatings come with a Lifetime Warranty against peeling.

And not just peeling, but blistering and chipping as well. On the other hand, cheap DYI concrete coatings are well-known to start peeling after only a few years of moderate usage. Make sure you’re dealing with a Concrete Coating Contractor who stands behind their work.

#1 reason roofing and siding systems fail? Improper installation.

#1 reason quality concrete coatings cause headaches? Improper installation.

With our process, only after professionally cleaning the floor in question do we apply the base coat. This base coat takes about an hour to cure to develop strong adhesion properties for the main decorative coat. After we’ve applied the main decorative coat, we finish off the floors with a special topcoat that resists chemicals, rusting, abrasions, bacteria, PEELING, and UV rays.


Myth #4 — “You can’t make concrete look authentic.

The Truth — “You’ll be astounded by the versatility of concrete coatings.”

What exactly do people who sustain this myth mean by authentic?

Through cutting-edge concrete coatings, you can create stunning flooring displays. All you have to do is perform a basic image search online using terms like ‘Metallic Concrete Coatings’ or ‘3D-Marbleized Concrete Coatings’ and you’ll instantly see the heights of what can be done.

That’s not to say your garage or driveway calls for something so artistic or awe-inspiring. It might not. The point here is that while there ARE some reasonable limits, you can make concrete look breathtaking if that’s what you’re looking for.

Our coatings are beautiful and come in a wide array of colors to transform any space.


Myth #5 — “It’s nearly impossible to repair cracks after coating.

The Truth — “Proper concrete coating installation is guaranteed to last a lifetime.”


Before Childers Brothers install a concrete coating system, we address any pre-existing issues. We use a 27-Point Analysis process and all the high-tech gadgetry it takes to do the work right.

Proper coatings don’t just cover up or mask repaired cracks; they prevent new cracking from becoming an issue in the future. Imperfections are polished. Voids are filled. The concrete flooring is dramatically reinforced!

Should something be missed or should there be installation errors, again, you need to know you’re working with a Concrete Coating Contractor who stands by their customers long-term. What kind of workmanship warranty do they offer?


Myth #6 — “Coatings are vulnerable to environmental damage.

The Truth — “Modern concrete coatings are designed to withstand the elements for life.”


When left unprotected, is concrete vulnerable to the elements? Yes, without question.

But the concrete coatings offered to American homeowners today are engineered to take all kinds of beatings with ease.

  • Storms? Check.
  • Harsh temperatures? Check.
  • UV exposure? Check.
  • Chemical exposures like salts, oils, acids, and gasoline? Check.

When you opt for a polyurea system, you get a coating that is 4x stronger than conventional epoxies. They’re also far more flexible materials. This means during the transitions between summer and winter, polyureas expand and contract WITH the concrete.


Within 300 Miles of Amarillo, TX? Need Concrete Coating Help?

If you’re in our rather extensive service area reaching across the Texas panhandle and south down into the Midland and Odessa areas, call today at (800) 299-9563 or Contact Us using our website form. We also serve parts of New Mexico, Colorado, and Liberal, KS. As one of the biggest independently-owned companies in the region, we’re a Concrete Coating Contractor you can depend on.

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