6 Signs Of Serious Foundation Problems You Shouldn't Ignore


6 Signs Of Serious Foundation Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

6 Signs Of Serious Foundation Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Oh no! Are you seeing signs of foundation problems around your home?

After 48+ years in business and over 15,000 successful foundation projects under our belts, we TRULY understand that these types of problems are unpleasant.

And they never happen at a good time…

When you see hints of trouble around the house, big or small, it’s natural to feel a bit on the helpless side of things.

This is especially the case when we’re talking about signs of foundation problems!

Unless you happen to be into home construction, foundation leveling, and repair, you’re likely to get anxious wondering what kind of price tag is in your near future.

In terms of pricing, it really depends on these variables:

  • Where you are in the country. For example, we service a 300-mile area around Amarillo, Texas so we deal with a lot of clay-based soils. That’s just one variable out of many.
  • The scope of your foundation issue. Are we dealing with superficial cracks and normal amounts of settlement, or are we looking at a serious challenge? An easy fix or a major overhaul?
  • The contractor you work with. Now we’re talking about the true, long-term price you pay for workmanship. Installation and contractor expertise largely determine performance!

That said, let’s dig into the six core signs you came here to learn about. We’re keeping them simple rather than getting into all the technicalities.

Needless to say, if you see any of these issues developing, you need to contact a local Foundation Repair Specialist!

Are you seeing diagonal cracks on your interior walls?

This is a surefire sign that your home’s foundation (or just a section of it) is either heaving or settling. As this happens it basically tears any drywall or sheetrock apart. You’ll tend to see these types of cracks coming from either window or door framing.

Are you finding exterior stair-step brick cracks?

If your home has brick around or part of the exterior walls, are you seeing cracks developing in the mortar? Typically they’ll be diagonal and move in a stair-step fashion around the brick (except really weakened or weathered bricks). Again, these tend to develop near window and door frames for structural reasons that shouldn’t be ignored.

Are your interior & exterior doors sticking or not latching?

If the drywall and sheetrock are showing diagonal cracks, you may already find it hard to properly open and shut certain doors. Framing is becoming uneven and the door is being ‘pulled out of square’ as the foundation heaves/settles.

Is the exterior trim on your home gapping and warping?

Are longer horizontal pieces of your home’s trim separating from core framing and creating visible gaps? Similar to causing cracks in the brick mortar, this is where your destabilized foundation is ripping boards from placement joints that just pop off after enough pressure builds up.

Are you seeing movement of wood trim, additions, or built-ins?

Whoa…are those new cabinets pulling away from walls? Are you seeing bookshelves move or tilting bathroom cabinets? As the walls move, anything attached to them is going to move as well. The tile will get decimated. If fixtures are attached to both the walls and flooring in impacted areas, this can lead to costly remodels.

Does it seem like other fixtures in the house have moved?

Hold on a minute, while you were cooking breakfast did you notice the countertops are separating from the walls? Are cracks appearing in the tiling? Is the backsplash no longer connected to that beautiful marble countertop as well? After you get done eating, it’s time to make that call.

Bottom Line: Seeing These Signs? Call In The Professionals

Don’t wait around. Foundation problems are nothing to take lightly — they can quickly get out of control and become safety hazards!

Your local foundation specialist will be happy to send a consultant out to inspect the area and provide the next steps. If you live in our area of the country, don’t hesitate to Contact Childers Brothers. Thank you for your time today, and we hope this information has been useful.

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