6 Ways We Keep Your Foundation Repair As Neat & Tidy As Possible

6 Ways We Keep Your Foundation Repair As Neat & Tidy As Possible

Foundation Repair Can Be Dirty Business.

We Bend Over Backward To Minimize The Mess.


I’ll be honest with you—foundation repair isn’t exactly the tidiest home improvement project. We are dealing with dirt, after all!

But still… it doesn’t need to be as messy as some companies make it. A few homeowners have told me it looked like a bomb went off in their yard after the contractor left.

That’s just not right to me. It’d be like a kitchen remodeler leaving sawdust and torn-up floorboards behind. Or a restaurant making you clean your own dishes after you eat.

I may be in a dirty line of work, but I’m still a neat freak.

That’s why we utilize processes to keep the messes to a minimum.

Here are six ways we do it…

  1. Plywood Tracks: When we repair your foundation, we’ll be driving big machines with tread on your property. To prevent the tread from tearing up your lawn, we lay down a plywood “track.” We drive only on this track to prevent damage to your yard.
  2. Plywood For Dirt Stacks: What can I say? A little plywood goes a long way. We also use it during the digging process. We stack the dirt we dig up on plywood boards to make the cleanup process easier and reduce the amount of dirt on your actual lawn.
  3. Refilling The Holes: Having the dirt conveniently stacked on the plywood easily allows us to put it back when we’ve finished. We refill the holes and use hand tampers to pack it snuggly. We then rake the dirt to make it look nice and bank it away from your home to prevent water from running toward your foundation.
  4. Putting Back Your Belongings: If we moved pots, flowers, furniture, or belongings, we put them back when we’re done. We won’t leave you with the heavy lifting.
  5. Washing Off The Driveway & Street: Your driveway or sidewalk may get muddy while we work. After the project, we wash and sweep away all the mud and dirt to make the area look as clean as before we got there.
  6. Hauling Away Concrete: We take any and all concrete we remove during your foundation repair. You won’t need to hire a different company to come haul it away.

Am I saying your foundation repair will be 100% squeaky clean? No. We are digging huge holes in the ground, after all!

But I do promise that we take the time and effort to be as tidy as possible. So by the time we pack up and leave, your foundation will be in top shape and yard clean.

If that sounds good to you, contact us to schedule a free 27-Point Foundation Analysis. It would be an honor to visit your West Texas home.

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