The 6 Most Common Foundation Repair Methods Used Around Amarillo, TX

The 6 Most Common Foundation Repair Methods Used Around Amarillo, TX

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Let’s go through each method one by one.

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helical pier installation

#1: Helical Piers: These are essentially the Golden Standard solution to sunken foundations in the Amarillo, TX area that need to be leveled. Our state-of-the-art high-grade steel piers are screwed 50, 70, 100+ ft down into the more stable, load-bearing strata below your home with pinpoint accuracy. This keeps the home properly leveled without causing any undue stress.

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childers soil stabilization

#2: Soil Stabilization: At Childers, we’re big fans of facts. This is why we provide solutions that are proven and backed by science. One of our core soil stabilization methods is the EcSS 3000 technology that changes the molecular structure of foundational soil in a non-invasive way. After the treatment, the soil has less swell potential, and the effects are permanent!

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basement stabilization childers

#3: Basement Stabilization: If your Amarillo-area home has a basement and the walls are bowing, buckling, bulging, or showing signs of foundation-related issues, we can stabilize them and make them stronger than ever. Not only that, but straighten those walls with proper excavation. Two of our most common basement-stabilization methods are H-beam installation and high-tech carbon fiber sheets.

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Childers Brothers - Pier & Beam Adjustment - Crawl Space Inspection - Think You Need Pier & Beam Adjustment Near Amarillo

#4: Pier & Beam Adjustment: If you have an older home with a crawl-space foundation, you’re likely to experience issues down there. Whether it’s because of sunken supports, cracked & broken joists, rotted sill plates, malfunctioning beams, or fallen beams, we utilize special techniques and tools that allow us to combat both foundation settlement and upheaval. Get realigned piers & beams and a level home.

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Epoxy Crack Repair On Concrete Basement Wall - Childers Brothers Technician - Amarillo, TX

#5: Epoxy Crack Repair: We have heavy-duty adhesives that repair concrete cracks when and where appropriate. Not only do they fill the cracks, but they leave these areas of the concrete slab or walls stronger than they were before! Our epoxies are far more advanced than conventional options or usual products in local hardware stores. Expect clean, precise installation and long-lasting benefits.

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slab lifting foam

#6: Concrete Slab-Lifting Foam: The #1 alternative to full-blown concrete replacement is our non-intrusive, long-lasting, slab-lifting foam. It’s quicker, environmentally friendly, less costly, and the cleaner way to go vs. other methods like mudjacking. No mess. No downtime. No unsightly patch jobs. Instead, you get a good-looking, level concrete slab that’s read in as little as 20 minutes.

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