The Basics Of Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Methods


Best Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Methods

Best Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Methods

Hello, are you the proud owner of a pier & beam home and recently you’ve discovered signs of trouble? In today’s article, we’d like to go through some of the basics around pier & beam foundation repair methods to give you a better understanding.

And just who are we? We’re Childers Brothers. We’ve been doing Foundation Repair here in the Amarillo, TX area (basically a 300-mile radius) for close to 50 years. We’ve seen it all, done it all, fixed it all, and know everything there is to know about this business.

Let’s look at some of the more common signs you may be dealing with.

Common Signs Of Foundation Trouble

  • Cracks. Especially cracks appearing on interior walls that clearly show a portion of the foundation is being damaged. It’s becoming increasingly uneven.
  • Sections of framing are sagging. This is typically a sign that the home is settling much more than it should be.
  • Wait a sec, is the chimney leaning? Are gaps appearing between baseboards and walls? Are elements of the exterior, like veneering, starting to crack?
  • Fixtures in your home are slanting; doors and windows are becoming stuck or are unable to fully close.
  • Are artworks and pictures on the wall slanting no matter how much you try to make them straight?
  • Plumbing pipes are moving out of position, excessively clogging, or you’re hearing odd gurgling sounds.

First and foremost… call your local foundation specialists as soon as you possibly can. Here in our neck of the woods, homeowners call Childers. You want to get scheduled pronto and have a professional inspection done. Their inspection should give you all the specific answers and data points needed to fix the problem with your home.

We base our inspections on a strict 27-Point Analysis.

The last thing you want to do is procrastinate on needed repairs. Foundation issues are like serious engine trouble, if you put them off for too long there will inevitably be some kind of expensive failure.

Basic Considerations

  • The cause of your pier and beam problems is the #1 factor your foundation experts will look to define. Are we talking about termites, moisture-based issues, settlement, upheaval, failing joists, etc.? All of the above?
  • Nationally, pier and beam foundation repair methods can vary from a little over a thousand dollars to $10,000 or more. It’s a wide range.
  • Major variables include the size and scope of your foundation and the extent of the damage; repairs vs. new foundation.
  • On the low end, you might just have your piers and beams re-shimmed. On the high end, you may need to completely replace piers and beams and/or repour concrete foundation — upgrading.

What if you happen to live in a much older pier & beam home? Then the chances are you have a crawl space, which opens up a range of other issues and potential problems.

Here at Childers Brothers, we’re experts at Adjusting Piers & Beams and have seen all the major reasons they fail.

  • Deflected (Fallen) Grade Beams
  • Sunken Supports
  • Cracked & Broken Joists
  • Rotted Sill Plates
  • Malfunctioning Beams

Whether we’re replacing rotted joists, lifting pressed pilings, installing helical piers for extra support, or replacing old shims, this is professional work. Definitely not something to try and DIY. Remember, the primary goal is to address the cause, not just cover it up and apply a band-aid-like solution.

Our solutions for pier & beam homes are meant to be very long-lasting, to both address root causes and prevent new issues from arising or getting worse.

Core Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Methods

  • We need to repair or replace old piers with new sturdier options.
  • We need to repair or replace old sills (main & shaker).
  • We need to repair or replace old beams.
  • We need to repair or replace old joists.
  • We need to address the sub-floor and underlying foundational soil.

Because these types of residential foundations have been around so long, getting them fixed, adjusted, and updated is quite common.

Bottom Line

At the first sign of trouble, contact your local foundation specialist. Once they get your inspection completed, they can tell you exactly what’s going on and then offer the best pier & beam foundation repair solutions. In terms of cost-effectiveness, replacing or reinforcing elements of your pier & beam system is typically the best move.

If you happen to be in or anywhere around the Amarillo, Texas area, just give Childers a call. Our free 2-point analysis will get you completely informed in less than an hour. Thanks for your time today.

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