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Blast From The Past: A Foundation Repair Referral 20 Years In The Making

Blast From The Past: A Foundation Repair Referral 20 Years In The Making

We Repaired His Foundation In 2000. A Few Weeks Ago,

He Told A New Customer He’s Still Satisfied.


It’s a small world when you’ve been in business for 50 years. That’s what we found a few weeks ago when performing soil stabilization and helical pier foundation repair for a homeowner in West Texas.

The homeowners were a husband and wife. The husband had recently retired from the railroad industry, and the two had lived in the neighborhood for quite some time.

While we were working on their home, our Director Of Operations (D.O.) noticed a man walking his dog down the street. The man came to our customer’s front door and rang the doorbell. The husband answered, and the two began talking.

At that point, our D.O. didn’t think anything of it. He figured it was just a neighbor stopping by to say hello.

Fast-forward to the end of the project.

We were finished repairing our customer’s foundation and stabilizing his soil. As we were wrapping up, the husband mentioned the man who came to the door. He told our D.O. that the man lived four doors down. He was walking by with his dog and beelined for the home when he saw the Childers Brothers truck in the driveway.


The man walking his dog had hired us for foundation repair… 20 years ago!

He came over to tell our new customer that they’d made the right choice. He told our customer that he’d hired us back in 2000 to fix his foundation with helical piers—and he hasn’t had a single problem since.

When our D.O. relayed this info to me, it put a smile on my face. Here was someone willing to take time out of his (and his dog’s) day just to say a kind word about us… decades after he hired us.

That’s about as big of a compliment as you can get.

It also shows how important treating customers well and doing the job right really are.

Things have changed a bit since we repaired that man’s foundation in 2000. Back then, Gaylon still owned the business and I was an installer (really dating myself here!).

Since then, our products have gotten better as manufacturing technology has progressed. Our installation processes have improved with the times. And Melissa and I now run the company.

But we still adhere to the exact same Core Values we did 20 years ago… and when the company first opened in 1972.

If that’s the kind of reliability you’re looking for in a West Texas foundation repair company, get in touch. We would be honored to perform a free 27-Point Foundation Analysis on your home.

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