Can Epoxy Crack Repair Fix My Driveway? Help!

Can Epoxy Crack Repair Fix My Driveway? Help!

Okay, so your driveway isn’t looking so hot these days.

Would ‘weathered’ be an understatement?

Maybe old faithful is beginning to show their age?

After all, most concrete driveways only last for about 30 years.

Ultimately though, wear and tear really depends on:

  1. a) Overall usage.
  2. b) How well the driveway is maintained.
  3. b) The skill level of the people who poured or installed your driveway.

You’re here reading this right now because you’re researching solutions.

Your driveway needs help, and you’re wondering whether Epoxy Crack Repair is the ticket.

And the answer is, most likely NO… not if there are serious issues with your driveway concrete.

Here at Childers Brothers, we use a special line of epoxy products from Prime Resins. Think of them as extremely strong adhesives that fill cracks and re-seal concrete. Afterward, the concrete is actually stronger than it was before.

That being said…

These epoxy products repair concrete, but they aren’t capable of fixing the larger context creating problems in the first place.

Let’s talk about five of these contexts using an old faithful of our own to draw from – a Popular Mechanics article written in early 2014 entitled, “What Your Driveway Is Trying To Tell You.”

  • Linear Cracks: As time and the season pass, hairline cracking is going to occur. Then they’ll spread, widen, and deepen. While we can absolutely fill the cracks with powerful resins that permanently fix certain cracking, it isn’t going to solve the age problem. New cracking will pop up if underlying conditions aren’t addressed.
  • Spiderweb or Alligator Cracks: Most people have seen a driveway with this type of cracking in certain sections or from one end to the other. Epoxy crack repair isn’t the solution here. It means the top layer(s) are bad and need to be removed entirely. After recompacting the aggregate, we would pour new concrete AND THEN coat it.
  • Buckling or Wavy Asphalt: Unless you’ve been parking some pretty large rigs on your driveway, once it becomes uneven this is usually due to soil problems. And unfortunately, epoxy crack repair isn’t going to help. In these types of cases, we would investigate solutions like Soil Stabilization to fix the underlying problem first.
  • Sinking Near The Garage: Another issue where epoxy crack repair isn’t going to be much help. Sinking happens because the soil underneath the slab near the garage is being displaced (check those gutters downspouts!). A better solution would be our Slab-Lifting Foam that gets in there and fills the void, re-leveling the slab.
  • Crumbling Edges: This is unfortunately all too common. No amount of epoxy resin is going to solve the fact the concrete at the edges of your driveways has become (or always was) way too thin.

In Conclusion: Key Takeaways

Epoxy crack repairs in driveways are not uncommon. We’re happy to send a consultant out to homes in our Service Areas to inspect and diagnose issues. Only a professional is qualified to tell you whether or not your driveway can be ‘fixed’ with an epoxy resin adhesive.

If not, as in the examples above, they’ll be able to provide a better, more cost-effective, and long-term solution. This solution is likely to involve:

  • Getting rid of and replacing old bad concrete.
  • Applying high-grade epoxy crack repair where appropriate.
  • Soil stabilization and/or foam for re-leveling.

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