Easy Budgeting For Your West Texas Foundation Repair

Easy Budgeting For Your West Texas Foundation Repair

Why Foundation Repair Is Like Budgeting 

For A Party

Pricing For Foundation Repair In West Texas


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: How much is your foundation repair going to cost.

Honestly, the answer is “it depends.”

I know that’s probably not what you want to hear. But it’s the truth. The type of repair, the extent of the issue, and the quality of materials all determine cost.

Let me break it down for you as if you were planning a party. This will show you why an in-depth foundation analysis is necessary to determine exact pricing.


How Much Will Your Party Cost?

Let’s say you’re planning a party with your significant other or friend. The party is next Friday, and you start to talk to each other about how much it will cost.

You agree on inviting 30 people. That doesn’t tell you EXACTLY how much the party will be. But it does give you a starting point.

Precise costs, however, depend on specific choices you make for the party. Decorations. Food. Refreshments. “Refreshments.” (wink wink)

If you choose to decorate with whatever you have on hand, make the party BYOB, and serve burgers and hot dogs, your costs will be relatively low. Say $100.

If you choose to buy new decorations, serve Alaskan King Crab, provide top-shelf “refreshments” for guests, and hire a clean-up service, you’re going to invest much more. Anywhere from $500 to $800.

The more expensive party will be the one people talk about well after it’s over. But either way, it’s a party.


The concept of the cost of maintenance, maintenance and repair of a residential building.


How Much Will Your Foundation Repair Cost?

We look at foundation repair the same way. During our Needs Analysis, we ask you about your budget. Based on your answer, we custom-tailor our solution.

For example, let’s say your foundation needs four helical piers to be 100% fixed, but you only have the budget for two at the moment. One excellent solution is to take advantage of our awesome financing and do the whole shebang at once. But another solution, if you prefer, is to install two helical piers now and the others when you have the budget.

Installing two now and two later (the “BYOB” version of the party) won’t completely fix your problem. But it will greatly alleviate the issue while you build the budget for the remaining helical piers.

Installing all four at once (“King Alaskan Crab” version of the party) will naturally be a bigger up-front investment. But it’ll take care of your foundation issue in one fell swoop.

We’re fine with either way. Some foundations require a complete repair all at once, but a lot of them can be done piecemeal. When we assess your home, we’ll let you know what solutions would work best for your specific situation.

Whichever way you choose to move forward, we’ll give you a fair and honest estimate for the repair. If you’re interested, we can explore your financing options to show you ALL payment options that are on the table.

Bottom line: We accommodate YOUR budget. And we help you determine the most economical way to repair your foundation issue RIGHT.


How To Prevent A “Dud”

One way to mess up foundation repair on a budget is to choose low-quality solutions. Concrete push piles and shoring pads are cheaper than helical piers. But they can break down incredibly quickly. You’ll then have to pay to fix your foundation TWICE, which will cost you more than doing it right the first time.

If it comes down to deciding between the two, it’s better to do a high-quality solution in steps rather than a low-quality solution all in one go.


Let’s See The Kind Of “Party” We Can Throw Your Foundation

If you want foundation repair in Amarillo and West Texas done right, contact us today for a free Needs Analysis. We’ll pinpoint the exact problem with your foundation, provide an honest estimate, and explore the different options within your budget.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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