How Long Does Concrete Slab-Lifting Foam Last?

How Long Does Concrete Slab-Lifting Foam Last?

When you invest in professional concrete slab-lifting foam, how long can you expect that investment to last?

The Answer: Your lifetime and well beyond! Slab-lifting foam is a permanent solution.

concrete leveling with slab-lifting foam

In the context of concrete repair and leveling, the process of using polyurethane foam to lift concrete goes by many names: slab-lifting, PolyLift, foam lifting, Polyjacking, etc.

It’s all the same fascinating core process within foundation repair.

  • Polyurethane is part of a highly diverse group of polymers (plastics).
  • As a material, it can be solid or have a more breathable open cellular structure (foam).
  • The foams can be memory foam, highly resilient foam, or come in a range of densities.

Manufacturers have also created special forms that expand underneath concrete slabs, fill voids, adhere to the concrete, and then stabilize both in minutes. Strengthening soil, the foam also helps stave off erosion. We work with Prime Resins. The injections of their slab-lifting foam only take around 15 minutes to cure, and from there can technically last FOREVER.

Sunlight is the only thing that can break down slab-lifting polyurethane foam.

Slab-Lifting Foam Does NOT Break Down Over Time

This foam is permanent. Slab-lifting Foam is inert and completely solid once hardened. Concrete repairs should last indefinitely, but unfortunately, we cannot control Mother Nature. As long as substrate or soil beneath the foam continues to stay strong and keep its density, the foam solution lasts forever.

  • Below the surface, the foam is impervious to groundwater (water in general), chemicals, insects, underground rodents, and it doesn’t break down or erode.
  • Only the soil itself poses a threat to the results of professional slab-lifting foam treatments.
  • While the foam variably strengthens the soil, the earth is continuously moving over time.
slab lifting foam

There is an assortment of variables that play a role in how long your slab-lifting foam investment will last. Some of them, frankly, no one has control of. Concrete ages and settles. Sudden excessive levels of groundwater can happen, even in our neck of the woods.

When you work with Childers Brothers, our Foundation Repair experts will fully assess the area before any slab-lifting is done. After 48 years in business and 15,000+ happy customers, we’ve developed a 27-point analysis to pinpoint problems in minutes for free.

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