How Long Does It Take To Repair A Foundation Crack?

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Foundation Crack?

Uh oh, so you’ve found signs of trouble around your home.

They’ve left you wondering to yourself things like,

“How long does it take to repair a foundation crack?”

“What’s going to be involved and will it be really expensive?”

First of all, relax. This is a question that’s been asked by folks in your position for literally… thousands of years. As long as we’ve been constructing homes on the surface of the earth, we’ve been dealing with foundation cracks.

It’s par for the course.

And unfortunately, foundation repairs aren’t a one-size-fits-all business.

Each and every situation is going to be unique, with different variables, causes, and complexities that need to be addressed.

  • Where is the foundation crack?
  • How long has it been there, or how long has it been growing?
  • What exact kind of crack is it; meaning, what does it indicate’s going on down there?
  • Is it a superficial crack, or something much deeper and thicker?
  • When it comes to fixing the problem, will excavation be involved?

At Childers Brothers, we’ve been specializing in Foundation Repair for over 48 years, and here’s the good news: many foundation cracks can be fixed in as little as a couple hours.


This would be through our Epoxy Crack Repair Services, where we fix and strengthen cracks with a heavy-duty adhesive.

Why It Works: Our modern epoxy products are specially designed to fix foundation cracks, and leave the concrete stronger than it was before the treatment.

Who It’s For: Basically any homeowner experiencing cracks in their foundational concrete walls or floors and who needs professional help!

“The epoxy products we use are much more advanced than the cheap stuff you’ll find at your local home improvement store. We get our materials from high-end industry manufacturers, which makes epoxy products for a wide variety of issues—moisture prevention, structural repair, and more.”

Other Common Foundation Repair Methods

For a second let’s assume the foundation cracks you’re experiencing are the result of a more substantial issue. An issue where epoxies aren’t going to cut it. They would be a bandaid, more than a long-term solution.

What other options are there, and how long do they take?

Let’s talk about three.

  1. Soil Stabilization using the minimally invasive EcSS 3000 technology that actually changes the molecular composition of soil so it experiences less expansion. Much more effective than more conventional approaches like lime & potassium treatments, etc. These projects on the residential scale typically only take hours to a day or two.
  2. Helical Piers, which are steel piers that are screwed down deep and anchored into the more stable soil strata below the surface. They’re then attached to your home using proprietary brackets so basic settling and upheaval are no longer issues. These are precise, incredibly strong, clean and proven to be very effective. These projects can also take hours to days to complete depending on scope.
  3. Basement Stabilization, that adds structural integrity to your basement to help it resist bowing, buckling, and tilting. We use H-beams and carbon fiber sheets, among other means. Of course this alleviates pressure on your concrete slabs and can be part of a holistic approach to getting a handle on your foundation. These projects usually only take a day, possibly two.

Next Step: Call Your Local Foundation Experts For An Inspection

We service a 300-mile radius around Amarillo, TX. Homeowners in this area of the country should reach out and Contact Childers Brothers so we can come take a look at your home, it’s foundation, and the current issues you’re dealing with.

If you’re not in our area, find the long-standing, reputable foundation repair company you can trust and let them give you the answers. The specifics. The details. The science-backed facts of what’s going on so you can make the best choice possible. It’s not about how LONG it takes to repair foundations, but how effective the solutions are.

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