How Often Should An Inspection Be Performed On A Home Foundation?


How Often Should An Inspection Be Performed On A Home Foundation?

How Often Should An Inspection Be Performed On A Home Foundation?

The foundation of a home is solely responsible for keeping your walls and floors flat, preventing outside elements from penetrating your home, and so much more!

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not give their foundation the attention it deserves through regular inspection services.

Problems with a home’s foundation typically happen over a relatively long period and result from many factors: bad weather, poor construction, upkeep, and inexperienced contractors are all to blame when severe damage has been discovered.

Homeowners can get ahead of costly repairs by having regular inspections performed on the foundation before small issues turn into expensive repairs.

Let’s talk about when and how often you should have your home’s foundation inspected!

Seasonal Inspections

As the weather changes throughout the year, your home becomes susceptible to very specific environmental risks. While the rest of your home may be unaffected, the foundation could be taking a serious beating.

An inspection performed after a long hot summer and post-winter will ensure extreme temperatures did not degrade the foundation.

Drought-like conditions during the summer months can completely dry out the soil surrounding the foundation, which can result in water being directed towards the home due to poor drainage capabilities.

Buying Or Selling A House? Time For An Inspection!

Before buying a home, ALWAYS have a thorough inspection performed on the foundation to ensure you are not walking into a situation that requires costly repairs.

While most foundation repair companies claim the ability to fully inspect a foundation for flaws in as little as 10 minutes, that isn’t the case with Childers Brothers. We proudly take EXPONENTIALLY longer during our foundation inspections to ensure no stone goes unturned. By the end of our strenuous 27-point analysis, we outline every little detail related to the state of the home’s foundation to aid in your planning process.

Having an inspection performed on a home foundation prior to putting it on the market is a massive selling point for most homebuyers experienced and new. After all, you want potential buyers to know exactly how well you take care of your home!

Signs Of Damage Are Cause For Concern

There are many telltale signs that your home may be having issues with the foundation. They may not be as obvious as a tilted floor or gaping cracks, but they are just as serious. Here at Childers Brothers, we recommended a foundation inspection to be performed if your home is starting to show any of the following attributes: 

  • Bowing Walls: If your basement walls are starting to turn inwards or bow, your foundation has a serious problem. While bowing basement walls can be fixed, it’s imperative to start the remediation process as quickly as possible.
  • Water Entering The Basement: Excess water buildup in the basement of the home could be a clear sign of either a broken pipe or a compromised foundation. Our team will not only locate the culprit behind the water build-up but will also repair your foundation back to working order.
  • Doors & Cabinets Do Not Shut Properly: At the time of construction, all doors and cabinets are designed to shut straight and secure. If your doors and cabinets are no longer shutting properly, it’s time for a foundation inspection.
  • Large Cracks: If there are long or deep cracks in your home’s foundation, hire a professional to address and fix these issues before they start to spread.
  • Clogged Gutters: It may not seem like a huge problem at first, but clogged gutters are one of the leading causes of excess water build-up around the foundation of the home. If water has nowhere else to go, it will find the easiest draining route. Often, this is straight towards the home.

Ready To Schedule Your Next Foundation Inspection? Give Us A Call Today!

While our 27-point analysis takes much longer than 10 minutes, scheduling your foundation inspection takes much less! When you choose Childers Brothers for your foundation needs, you can rest easy knowing that each and every need will be met; we never leave a job until the homeowner is completely satisfied!

Is it time to schedule your next foundation inspection? Give us a call at (800) 299-9563 to get started today!

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