Is This Normal?: Cracked Foundation Edition

Is This Normal?: Cracked Foundation Edition

Are Cracks In The Foundation Floor Normal Around Amarillo?

Eeek! Are you a homeowner in the Amarillo area, or across the Texas Panhandle…noticing cracks in the foundation floor?

After a half-century working with folks in this area of the country, Childers Brothers definitely understands what you’re going through.

Whether we’re talking about concrete blocks or brickwork, you may start to get nervous.

You want to know whether the cracks you’re seeing are normal or signs of something a bit more unsettling.

First and foremost, no, not ALL cracks in the foundation floor are bad. They all aren’t cause to worry. In truth, most are normal and can be readily fixed.

That said, let’s talk about some of the basics involved.

We’ll approach the topic from a Q & A standpoint.

What Are The Different Types Of Foundation Cracks?

The following information is critical for all homeowners in our area because of our clay-based soil. You should have a fundamental understanding of the Different Wall & Floor Cracks to keep an eye out for.

And, should they pop up, what you may be dealing with.

  • Hairline: These cracks are the most common by far. Unlike the other cracks we’ll look at below, they tend to be superficial; an eyesore. Once they start, wait for a while to let the area settle (in normal amounts), and then you can have it repaired more permanently.
  • Vertical: These are going to typically be caused by rainwater pressure from torrential rain, often in newly-built homes. Are they threatening? No, not usually. Are they common? Yes. We fix them with Epoxy Crack Repair Services so the area of the wall we treat is stronger afterward than before it cracked.
  • Horizontal: These are bad news. They tend to be caused by structural issues when the ground force strains basement walls making them bow. Maybe it’s excessive backfilling on your property. Maybe something else entirely. Upon seeing any kind of horizontal foundation cracks, it’s best to contact Amarillo-Area Foundation Repair< experts.
  • Diagonal: As homes settle, these types of cracks tend to show up. Especially if the settlement is out of the ordinary, impacting certain areas of the home. For example, floors sagging in the living room or garage slabs becoming uneven and sinking/heaving. It’s imperative to have a Professional Inspection conducted ASAP.
  • Stair-Step: Diagonal cracks in brickwork that seem to create a stair-like pattern can be the most troubling of all. They tend to start in a joint or at the end of a wall and then move up or down from there. Again, this is going to be caused by out of the ordinary or abnormal levels of differential settlement.

What Happens If I Don’t Fix A Foundation Crack?

The answer really depends on the crack, where it is, the age of your home, and the overall state of your foundation. Generally speaking though, foundation issues are NOT issues you can procrastinate on.

Superficial cracks are one thing because they only impact aesthetics, while the other four we covered can be huge (and potentially expensive) problems not just to your home and the investment involved, but those living within!

How Do I Know If My Foundation Crack Is Serious?

Another question that goes along with this one is, “When is a crack in a wall serious?

To add to what we discussed above, there are a number of other signs to watch out for. For example, let’s look at cracked or bowed basement walls. Signs you should consider Basement Stabilization solutions would include:

  • Wall cracks that are wider at the top than at the bottom.
  • Floors that aren’t level.
  • Doors, cabinets, and windows that don’t shut properly anymore.
  • Cracking in the upstairs drywall.
  • Cracking in exterior brickwork or caulking.
  • Leaning of outside chimneys or porches.

How Do I Know If Wall Cracks Are Structural?

They will display the basic characteristics we talked about: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or stair-step. No cracks are good cracks. Whenever you’re in doubt, just give us a call so we can take a look and give you concrete, science-backed, dependable answers.

Button Line: If They Aren’t Superficial Have Them Looked At

What’s most important is that you, your family, and your home are safe. If you’re noticing anything that resembles foundation cracks, don’t hesitate to Contact Childers Brothers.

We’re happy to provide a professional inspection and ensure you know exactly what needs to be done. Thanks for your time today, and stay safe out there!

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