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News Channel 10

News Channel 10

We’re The Amarillo Foundation Company
You’ve Probably Seen On News Channel 10!

KFDA Has Had Us On Many Times To Discuss
Foundation Issues In West Texas.

News stations are very conscientious of their reputation and how they appear to the public. As a result, they’re pretty particular about the type of guests they’ll allow on the educational segments of their programs.

That’s why we’re honored that News Channel 10 KFDA has chosen Childers Brothers as their go-to expert for foundation repair in Amarillo.

Childers Brothers owner Cory Davis has appeared on News Channel 10’s “Mom’s Talk” segments more than a dozen times over the past few years.

Some of the foundation topics Cory has discussed on the show include…

  • Safety hazards that foundation issues can cause
  • How watering your plants can affect your foundation
  • The potential signs of foundation trouble
  • The best methods for foundation repair in Amarillo

And much more.

Why This Means We’re A Foundation Company You Can Trust

As we said, television news stations are particular about who they’ll allow on their show. They have a very specific image they want to project to the public.

News Channel 10 having us on more than a dozen times means they see us as the leading authority for foundation repair in Amarillo. They’ve exhaustively vetted our company and made certain that we know what we’re talking about.

That means we’re a company YOU can trust too. We’ve been serving Amarillo since 1972, and we’ve earned a reputation for being the company that does foundation repair RIGHT.

Watch More Of Our News Channel 10 Videos

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Spring Planting Water Effects

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Choosing A Foundation Repair Contractor


Do you think your home may be experiencing foundation issues? Contact Childers Brothers today. We’ll perform an in-depth analysis of your foundation and provide you with our expert recommendations.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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