How Our Core Values Ensure Top-Notch Foundation Repair In West Texas

How Our Core Values Ensure Top-Notch Foundation Repair In West Texas

Our Core Values Are The Backbone Of Our Company…
And Your Guarantee That We’ll Do Your Job RIGHT.


Childers Brothers started in Amarillo TX all the way back in 1972. Brothers Gaylon and Darrol created the company based on a specific set of Core Values, which are the backbone of our company to this day.

In this article, I’ll share these values with you. They are our unwavering principles that we adhere to AT ALL TIMES. They’re the “foundation” of our company, so to speak. And they are part of what ensures YOU a great experience.
Let’s get started…

Core Value #1: Innovation

We utilize scientific principles, cutting-edge technology, and modern-day solutions to solve your foundation issue. It’s the only way to A) pinpoint the PRECISE root cause of your problem and B) engineer the proper solution to fix that problem for GOOD.

Examples Of Innovation:

Core Value #2: Respect

We aim to create a pleasant experience for you from start to finish. We’re courteous, polite, and easy to talk to. You’ll feel comfortable having us work on your home because we show it—and everyone in it—total respect.

Examples Of Respect:

Core Value #3: Communication

Transparency and open lines of communication are vital. That’s why we’re all about honesty and keeping you in the loop at all times. We provide crystal-clear evidence of your problem, a thorough explanation of how we’ll fix it, and candid answers to all your questions.

Examples Of Communication:

Core Value #4: Honesty

You get honest answers packaged in straightforward, fluff-free communication. We don’t sugarcoat things. And we certainly never tell you anything that’s less than the genuine, 100% TRUTH. It’s just that simple.

Examples Of Honesty:

Core Value #5: Accountability

At Childers Brothers, finger-pointing and passing the buck just doesn’t happen. Being your foundation repair contractor is a great responsibility. That’s why we TAKE total responsibility for the end result we provide you.

Examples Of Accountability:

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Our Core Values Ensure YOU Top-Notch Foundation Repair

Childers Brothers was created in 1972 based on the five Core Values above. And these Core Values remain the “Law Of The Land” at our company to this day.

So if you’re having foundation trouble in West Texas, reach out today. We would be honored to provide you with a free foundation analysis… and show you our Core Values in action.

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