Repair Options For Bowing Basement Walls

Repair Options For Bowing Basement Walls

How Do I Know If I Need My Basement Walls Repaired?

If there are clear signs of bowing walls in your basement or other areas of the home, the time for repairs has come. In some cases, homeowners can have preliminary inspections done on the home prior to any instance of bowing to help jump-start the remediation process. Other signs around the home that could indicate your bowing basement walls should be dealt with include:

  • Long stair-stepping cracks in the foundation
  • Water entering the basement from an unknown source
  • Tilted outdoor chimneys
  • Slanted walls
  • Bowing walls have increasingly become worse

When it comes to the overall integrity of your home, a sturdy foundation is imperative. While there are many preliminary signs that your home’s foundation may be faulty or is otherwise failing, bowing basement walls is a sure sign.

Once a foundation begins to fail or give under the weight of the home, visible bowing will start to show along with deep cracking.

This can cause serious damage to the home and your wallet if not tended to in an appropriate time frame based on the severity of the situation.

Lucky for you, Childers Brothers has a few strategies up our sleeves to get your home back STABILE & STRONG!


1) Stabilize

Once your basement walls begin to crack or bow, it’s time for stabilization! Using our varied stabilizing techniques, we provide lifetime solutions to failing foundations instead of a quick fix to ensure the project is done right the first time, every time.

While there are seemingly endless options for stabilizing your bowing basement walls, our two most common solutions include H-Beam installation and carbon fiber sheets.

  • H-Beam Installation: Once bowing basement walls have reached dire levels, H-beams are a phenomenal way to prevent future damage. H-beams are custom-tailored steel beams that help relieve insurmountable amounts of pressure off of the basement walls and onto the beams. H-beams can be painted to fit the home’s aesthetic and are relatively easy to install. When needed, our H-beams can be tightened to perfection for years to come.
  • Carbon Fiber Sheets: If you are looking for a cost-effective, low-impact solution to stabilizing bowing basement walls, carbon fiber sheets may be the perfect fit for your home! Carbon fiber sheets are fixed over each and every crack on your basement walls to effectively prevent future cracking while simultaneously strengthening the foundation. While proven to be stronger than steel, carbon fiber is highly resilient without being too intrusive on the living space. Carbon fiber sheets give the homeowner the option of finishing the basement without worrying about large steel beams in the way

2) Strengthening

The next part of our repair services always begins with strengthening your basement walls to prevent bowing from ever happening again. Because every Amarillo home is different, we must adjust our game plan to best suit your specific needs.

While many contractors take the same approach to every job, that’s not how we do it at Childers Brothers. You wouldn’t take the exact same medication for every illness, so how could one repair solution fit every home? Our strengthening techniques are proven to make your basement walls significantly stronger than they were before.

3) Straightening

It may seem like an obvious first solution, but straightening your basement walls is the last step towards remediation, the most invasive, and most expensive. Straightening the basement wall requires excavation around perimeter walls in order to relieve the soil pressure on the basement walls. Since this method of repair is so invasive it is reserved for the most extreme cases where needed repairs have been put off way too long!

Time To Have Your Bowing Basement Walls Repaired? Give Us A Call!

For most Amarillo homes, bowing basement walls should be immediately dealt with to prevent future damage. Bowing walls are a clear sign that something is wrong with the home’s foundation for one reason or another. Our 27-point analysis will not only identify the root cause of bowing walls but will also provide a unique solution to the problem at hand.

When it’s time to repair your bowing basement walls, call the best in the business! Our unique approach to every project makes us the leading contractor in Amarillo for foundation repairs. Our helpful staff is available Monday-Friday to answer any questions about our services and processes. Give us a call at (800) 299- 9563 to get started today!

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