We Had To Replace A Competitor’s Concrete Piles With Helical Piers

We Had To Replace A Competitor’s Concrete Piles With Helical Piers

We’ve Had To Install Helical Piers On Properties That Already Had Concrete Piles…Multiple Times. Concrete Piles Just Can’t Raise Sunken Foundations In Amarillo.

Concrete piles cost less than helical piers when it comes to foundation repair, but they don’t accomplish NEARLY as much for Amarillo homeowners.  We at Childers Brothers, Inc. know this from firsthand experience.  We have had to install our steel helical piers on MANY homes with concrete piles that failed!

In some cases, we’ve had to replace concrete piles that failed in as little as six months. Think about that. You give a foundation repair contractor a substantial sum of money, and their “solution” breaks down in less than a YEAR!
The million-dollar question(s): WHY do concrete piles fail so quickly… and why are helical piers so superior?

Why Concrete Piles Do NOT Do The Job

The biggest reason concrete piles fail is that they only go a few feet into the soil.  Since they never leave the active soil zone, they aren’t providing ANY foundational stability.

To reach load-bearing strata in the soil, you would need to drill AT LEAST seven feet deep.  Concrete piles don’t usually go deeper than five.

Anything less than seven is still in the active soil zone, shifting and moving with the weather and seasons.  Anything anchored in that soil won’t be stable for long.

Long story short, if your piles are moving, so is your foundation.  Those concrete piles you installed to save money are not even doing what they are supposed to.

That’s why it’s better to just go with helical piers in the first place.  They go MUCH deeper and are made of stronger material.

Why Our Helical Piers Work SO Much Better

Once we begin the process of installing helical piers, it is usually smooth sailing. They do not rely on gravity to go deep into the soil. Instead, they are twisted into the ground using torque generated by hydraulic pressure.

It is an ultra-precise process that can be done quickly and efficiently without disturbing your soil or making a huge mess out of your yard. They work like a giant drill, going straight down into the soil.

While concrete is prone to cracking and crumbling over time, our helical piers are made from the highest grade steel. They won’t crumble or crack, and they can lift even severely sunken foundations!

Another advantage is the fact they don’t cause your home ANY stress. Since our Childers Brothers’ helical piers are drilled directly into the soil, they do not need to rely exclusively on your home’s weight for support.

We Had To Replace A Competitor's Concrete Piles With Helical Piers 1

What We’ve Had To Do

Since we’ve encountered this situation so many times, there is no “one size fits all” approach.  In some cases, we do have to remove the concrete piles to install the helical piers.  If they are not in our way, though, we can install the helical piers without removing the concrete piles.

Installation is relatively simple and noninvasive once the concrete piles and any other obstacles are out of the way. Using hydraulic pressure and expensive equipment, we can drill the piers deep into the ground. We can even go as deep as 100 feet if that’s what it takes!

Not only can helical piers raise your sunken foundation, but they can keep your home anchored in place for years to come.

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Whether you have concrete piles already or haven’t decided on a solution for your sunken foundation yet, give us a call!

We will perform an extensive 27 point analysis to determine what needs to be done.  Whatever your foundation problems, we are here to help.

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