Soil Stabilization Companies / Ground Stabilization Contractors

Soil Stabilization Companies / Ground Stabilization Contractors

Texas Panhandle Soil Stabilization Companies: Who To Trust?

Hi there, and as always, we welcome you to our blog.

We’re Childers Brothers, THEE go-to choice among Texas Soil Stabilization Companies across the Texas Panhandle for a half-century — at least for our extended family of over 15,000 customers we are.

  • Opened our doors back in 1972.
  • BBB accredited since 2000 (still A+ rated).
  • Proudly among the most decorated companies of our kind in Amarillo.

Yep…we’re THAT old.

That being said, our high-tech Soil Stabilization Methods are tested, proven, and completely science-based.

Are You Dealing With Soil Expansion?

This is a huge problem in the Amarillo area. For you it can mean problems where your foundational soil retains too much moisture. The soil swells, which in turn causes all the common symptoms of foundational upheaval.

Are you seeing signs that your foundation is under incredible stress?

Are you seeing cracks in your concrete or foundation floors?

Are there doors and windows beginning to stick?

Are you noticing or potentially tripping on uneven surfaces?

Here’s the not-so-good news: soil expansion causes BILLIONS in property damage for American homes each and every year. More than all the other heavy-hitting natural disasters like twisters, earthquakes and floods combined!

And as you know, here in Texas, everything is exacerbated! Unfortunately, we’re all too used to extreme and unpredictable weather cycles…

As we like to tell folks,

“This means it’s not a matter of IF your soil will cause some foundation trouble…but WHEN!”

You can learn more in our complementary blog to this one entitled: ‘5 Musts For Soil Stabilization In Texas

Our Primary Solution: The EcSS 3000 Soil Stabilizer

Over the years we’ve seen all the products come onto the market claiming they can prevent soil expansion. This includes everything from lime and potassium treatments to pre-swelling, but they all fail.

Either the rain comes and washes them away, or they’ve been tested at universities and so on and been found lacking; ineffective!

Is there a viable solution?

Yes indeed. And, we’re the ONLY company around the Texas Panhandle region that offers it.

It’s called the EcSS 3000. The technology was created by a long-standing soil stabilization company in 1993 called ESSL, and it’s been independently studied by three major universities:

  • Penn State.
  • Texas A & M.
  • Oklahoma State.

So, what does it do?

“The EcSS 3000 stops soil swelling by altering the structure of soil molecules. It permanently changes the characteristics of the charged ions in soil that attract and bind water, thereby reducing swell potential to 1-2%.”

For years we added it to our services, but then in 2014 ESSL put their company up for sale so we bought it!

The following short animated 1-Minute Explanatory Video gives you the basics of how it works.

Is it really safe?

Yes, absolutely. An estimated 200 million square feet of residential and commercial soil has already been treated with this technology with great success. We’re talking about thousands of homes, but also gyms, state and federal buildings, fast food joints, commercial factories, even international airports.

Next Step: Contact Childers Brothers And Get Answers

If you live within 300 miles of Amarillo Texas and you’ve got foundation concerns, or you’re seeing troubling signs, Contact Childers Brothers. We’re happy to take the time to chat with you, and if needed, get you scheduled for one of our professional inspections. We want to keep you safe, and keep your foundation under control.

Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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