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The Best Concrete Coating Repair Options For Garage Floors

The Best Concrete Coating Repair Options For Garage Floors

Concrete coating to repair, strengthen, and beautify your garage floors.

With the right coating, there’s no reason that concrete should look bland and cold. Although it’s a strong material, over time concrete can crack and become worn down. Concrete coating can help to repair your concrete floors, as well as protect them from further damage and add a stronger sense of aesthetic to them. At Childers Brothers, Inc., we offer a wide variety of concrete coating options so you can find the perfect concrete coating for whatever your space may be. Here are some of the best concrete coating repair options for garage floors.

Chip Coating

Looking for something with a distinct style? Our chip coating system uses small vinyl chips to add texture and decoration to the otherwise smooth surface. This is the sort of concrete coating you might have seen in showrooms or convention centers. It creates almost a look of granite surfaces, but for far less cost than granite. But although it’s less expensive than granite, chip coating systems are extremely hardy and durable, resisting not only the wear of heavy foot traffic and all of the belongings that exist in the room, but also any chemical influence.

This system is made with 100% solid polyurea. It’s made to cure quickly, and the adhesion holds up for decades to come.

Metallic Coating

Do you want a concrete coating so shiny you can see yourself in it? For modern garage floors, metallic coating systems are a terrific option. These floors look smooth and slippery, but they’re made to be slip resistant and strong, so they stay safe for you. Metallic concrete coating systems are some of the most colorful. You can have them look like soft ocean waves or flowing lava (a delight for the kids — the floor is lava!).You can also go for something that has more of a marble look. This concrete coating is exceptionally low maintenance, typically made with epoxy.

Solid Color Epoxy

If you tend to do a lot of work in your garage, solid color epoxy might be the way to go. Epoxy concrete coating systems are some of the toughest available. Working on an old car, or using the garage as a workshop? Epoxy is the way to go. It holds up in hot and cold temperatures, so it’s perfect for these wild Amarillo seasonal changes. You may see this kind of concrete coating in locker rooms, pool decks, and commercial decks, so you know that it holds up to moisture, as well. Although a solid color, epoxy concrete coatings can come in a wide variety of color options and even textures, so you know that what you choose will suit your personal preferences and it’s sure not to be boring.

Solid Color Polyurea

Similar to solid color epoxy concrete coating in looks, solid color polyurea is also remarkably strong and comes with an easy installation. This concrete coating can be installed in a day and it’s designed for cold-weather installation. Even if it’s the middle of winter in Amarillo, we’ll have no problem installing this concrete coating for your garage flooring. It cures quickly so you can start enjoying it as soon as possible. Like solid color epoxy, you have a number of color and texture options available. This is the kind of concrete coating you’ll see not just on garage floors, but warehouses and production areas, so you know that it’s truly built to hold up to anything.

Why Concrete Coating Repair From Childers Brothers

At Childers Brothers, Inc., we work with heavy duty construction issues — like foundation repair and concrete repair. That means if we cut corners, our customers suffer. We offer an installation crew of experts and professionals, but we also offer some of the best products in the industry.

Our concrete coating options are stunning. They can transform the way you think of concrete and give life to your garage or other concrete spaces. They’re hardy, which means it takes very little maintenance if any in order to keep them in that shape for years to come. But they’re not just pretty. They’re designed to be slip-resistant, durable and safe whether for the home or for businesses.

Interested in concrete coating repair from Childers Brothers? Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free estimate.