We Are Foundation Problem Solvers

We Are Foundation Problem Solvers

At Childers Brothers, we don’t do just ONE thing. Instead, we use painstaking precision and our problem-solving skills to fix ANY foundation issue you might encounter in the Texas Panhandle.

That’s why we have a variety of techniques for analyzing your home’s foundation, as well as a whole range of strategies for fixing the problem once we’ve identified it.

From our initial inspection to our relentlessly reliable service, we are committed to SOLVING the problems we set out to fix.

Whether that involves drilling helical piers deep into the load-bearing strata of your soil or simply adjusting your pier and beam foundation, we WILL solve the problem we set out to address.

Foundation Diagnostics

The first step of our process is to figure out exactly what the problem is you are facing. Sometimes the first signs you notice are only symptoms, and there may be a deeper problem at the root of things.

That’s why we don’t do what SO many other contractors do and recommend a universal solution to your problem. We believe in a precise and specialized approach, which all starts with a thorough inspection and accurate diagnosis.

That’s why we always start with our ultra-thorough 27-Point Analysis to assess every possible aspect of your foundation and surrounding soil.  This process takes as long as an hour or two, but it’s well worth the wait.

Foundation repair is heavy-duty and expensive, so NEVER trust a contractor who wants you to leap into a project without thinking it through and knowing the facts. When we recommend repairs, it’s because we have analyzed your home and soil and have determined the best solution.

Science-Based Solutions Specifically Tailored To Fixing YOUR Foundation

As always with Childers Brothers, our solutions are based on science and data, NOT whatever we think will sell or whatever is popular.  All of the solutions we employ are the most effective and long-lasting.  In the world of foundation repair, short-term fixes are all but pointless.  Your foundation should be in it for the long run.

If your foundation has sunken down and needs to be raised, we have a solution: helical piers.  Helical piers are gigantic corkscrew-shaped pieces that drill deep into the load-bearing strata of your soil to raise and stabilize your ENTIRE HOME…permanently.

If your clay soil swells, causing your foundation to shift, we have a solution for that, too: the EcSS 3000 Soil Stabilization System.  It works by altering the ionic charge of your clay soil’s particles so that they no longer attract water molecules.  This may sound like science fiction, but it works.  It even PERMANENTLY alters the charge so that the soil should NEVER swell again.

And if you’re dealing with sunken concrete, don’t resort to messy mudjacking.  Instead, let Childers Brothers SOLVE your concrete problem with long-lasting, eco-friendly slab-lifting foam.  The foam mixture is injected under the sunken concrete slabs and expands until the concrete is level.

Contact Childers Brothers

To make a long story short, we have the expertise and effective solutions to fix your foundation problems FOR GOOD. Our goal is never to provide a quick fix. Our goal is to employ every tactic we have available to eliminate your foundation and soil issues and make SURE they won’t come back.

If you suspect your foundation has issues, give us a call at (800) 299-9563 or schedule an appointment online today.

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