We Are THE Technical Foundation Experts Of The Texas Panhandle.

We Are THE Technical Foundation Experts Of The Texas Panhandle.

Why We Insist On The Most Cutting-Edge Technology And Procedures For Our Foundation Repair In Amarillo.

The truth is, a lot of foundation repair companies are stuck in the stone age when it comes to the technology, materials, and treatments they use. They come in and tear up your yard just to install shoddy, outdated solutions that can fail FAST.

We’re different. Complete opposites, even.  We believe in technical precision and a meticulous, scientific approach to foundation repair and soil stabilization.

We utilize PROVEN scientific solutions that solve the problem for the long haul, not just a couple of years.

Why? Because that’s what works best! We’ve done the research.

Don’t spend your hard-earned dollars on obsolete, ineffective foundation repair when you can invest in cutting-edge solutions that last and DON’T require sacrificing a significant chunk of your lawn.

Most Advanced Soil Stabilization Technology

There are a few ways to solve the common problem of swelling soil in the Texas panhandle and surrounding area.  Our clay soil can expand rapidly as it absorbs water, causing it to push up on your foundation.  In less time than you might think, your foundation can move by a matter of inches.

Most of the solutions employed against this problem are either not permanent, have unwanted side effects, or are simply ineffective.  The only one that TRULY solves the problem without causing others is the EcSS 3000 soil stabilization system.

It works by altering the ionic charge of the clay particles which make up your soil. Changing the charge reduces the water’s attraction to the particles. Less attraction means less water is absorbed, which means your soil doesn’t swell. It’s a simple yet scientific solution to a severe problem in our area.

Not only is the EcSS 3000 a permanent solution, but it is also completely harmless. You can grow whatever you want in your treated soil, and your plants won’t be harmed.

Computer-Guided Precision

We Are THE Technical Foundation Experts Of The Texas Panhandle. 1

Some contractors can be downright sloppy when it comes to how they handle your yard. They might tear up a huge patch of your lawn just to install concrete piles that will need to be replaced in a few years.

Not us!  When we install helical piers to raise a sunken foundation, we use computerized devices to calculate the torque and angle needed to solve your foundation problems without disturbing the surrounding soil.

Because we have done the math, we know exactly where to place the piers the first time. Not only that, but we even know how deep they need to go to reach the load-bearing strata of soil.

Science-Based Methods And Materials

For us, it’s not enough to solve the problem temporarily with a quick fix. That doesn’t save you money in the long run, and it is just an ineffective way to operate. We look for long-term, science-based solutions.

Whether it’s the EcSS 3000 soil stabilization system, our ultra-precise helical piers, or carbon fiber sheets to reinforce your basement walls, all of our solutions are designed to be long-term and reliable.

As opposed to mudjacking, a standard but temporary process involving drilling a bunch of holes in your concrete and pumping a grout mixture underneath it. It fixes the problem momentarily, but it can leave your concrete looking worse than before.

That’s why we use slab-lifting foam instead.  Slab-lifting foam is WAY less invasive.  The holes required are tiny and are almost undetectable with proper patching.

Plus, unlike mudjacking, slab-lifting foam is designed NEVER to break down. Mudjacking solves the problem for 5-7 years if you’re lucky.

Replacing concrete is expensive, but mudjacking falls short in so many ways. Slab-lifting foam is the same price and offers a LOT more. It’s permanent, eco-friendly, and involves minimal drilling.

Once again, this is why we always do the research and invest in the best technology.

In Conclusion

Our technicians are technical experts, and we would be honored to give your Amarillo home a 27-Point Analysis to determine if either your soil or foundation has any issues.

If they do, we are here with a high-tech, long-term solution for you!

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