What Causes Floors To Sag?

What Causes Floors To Sag?

What Causes Floors In The Texas Panhandle To Sag?

Hi there, do you need some advice on a structural issue with your Amarillo-area home?

Maybe you’re getting ready to re-side the house. Maybe you want to install some new exterior doors. Maybe you’ve put it off for a while, but now the symptoms of foundation trouble are getting worse (incrementally with each passing season).

Are windows and doors beginning to jam?

Do you see cracks in your concrete that aren’t just superficial?

Do you see brick or masonry work start to crack and become unsightly?

Are walls beginning to bow or show signs of buckling and loss of integrity?

Maybe the floor in a particular area of your home is beginning to sag

Don’t worry, sagging floors in our area are more common than you might think.

It’s our lovely clay-based soils in the region, not to mention older homes with pier & beam foundations. There are other causes as well.

  • Sagging floors can occur when the support underneath the floor is inadequate or damaged—this could be thanks to Father Time or several different causes all coming together.
  • Homes with crawl space foundations are especially prone to sagging floors since they may be inadequate or have unevenly spaced support due to joists, beams, and posts rotting or shifting.
  • Sagging floors are common for other foundations with settlement issues – improper grading, improper water drainage systems, unmaintained or inadequate gutter systems, etc.

Now, because we’re talking about the earth, the actual causes of your sloping floors will vary. Maybe it’s something we mentioned above, or perhaps something else entirely.

The first step to finding out the specifics is calling Childers Brothers to have one of our foundation specialists perform a professional 27-Point Analysis. This leaves nothing to chance. No guesswork. No estimations. Using every modern and classic tool at our disposal, we leave no stone unturned so you can make the best possible decision for you, your family, your home, and your finances.

With that in mind, here are a few possible solutions we may use to address sloping floors. Each is linked so you can dig deeper and find out more at your leisure.

  • Helical Pier Installation: Our state-of-the-art high-grade steel piers are screwed deep down into the stable strata far below your home (50, 70, 100+ ft), bracketed, then leveled with absolutely long-lasting precision.
  • Basement Stabilization: Two of our most common basement-stabilization methods are H-beam installation and high-tech carbon fiber sheets. Together, we use them to make your basement walls stronger than they were before.
  • Soil Stabilization: Harnessing the innovative, scientifically proven, and environmentally-friendly EcSS 3000 technology, we change the molecular structure of your foundational soil to lower swelling.
  • Pier And Beam Adjustment: We utilize special techniques to realign the piers and beams that make up your older home’s crawl space foundation to combat both foundation settlement and upheaval over the long haul.

Next Step: Contact Childers Brothers | Schedule An Inspection

If you live within 300 miles of Amarillo, Texas, and your floors are sagging, Contact Childers Brothers today. We’ll be happy to answer your initial questions and get you scheduled for a professional foundation inspection. Afterward, you’ll know exactly what’s going on and what needs to be done.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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