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What Every New Home Buyer In Amarillo Needs To Know About Soil Stabilization

What Every New Home Buyer In Amarillo Needs To Know About Soil Stabilization

Find Out If Soil Stabilization Has Been Done BEFORE Moving Into A New Amarillo Home. Soil Swelling Is An All Too Common Problem, With A Simple Solution.

Here at Childers Brothers, Inc, there’s nothing we like talking about more than soil. Knowing the soil your home is built on is CRUCIAL to properly maintaining your home’s foundation.

The clay soil common in Amarillo and throughout the Texas panhandle is prone to swelling as it takes on water. If your home is built on this soil, your foundation can shift or rise every time the soil swells.

There are a few different ways to combat this problem, but there is only one that stands out as long-lasting, safe, and effective: EcSS 3000 ™ soil stabilization.  If your new Amarillo home is built on clay soil, we STRONGLY advise you to consider it before you move in and your soil has a chance to swell.

What Causes Soil Swelling?

Soil swelling is caused by the clay particles absorbing water as it enters the soil. Most of us know that, but fewer people know why. The reason is water is attracted to the negative charge of the clay molecules.

As the soil takes on more water and the molecules get pushed farther apart, the soil expands. Because the soil is so dry to begin with, over-saturating it can have DRASTIC results, pushing your foundation up by several inches, in some cases!

You can try pre-swelling your soil, as some recommend. The concept here is to make sure the soil is swelled to the correct amount to keep your foundation intact at all times.

This uses A LOT of water, and it requires nearly constant upkeep. Not only that, but your soil can end up drier than it was before, which can cause other problems. These are the biggest reasons we do NOT recommend it.

What Every New Home Buyer In Amarillo Needs To Know About Soil Stabilization 1

Scientific Solution To Soil Swelling

Changing the charge of a particle is easier than it sounds, and that is precisely how the EcSS 3000 ™ soil stabilization system works. It is simple yet EXTREMELY effective.

This type of soil stabilization takes a uniquely scientific approach, as it chemically alters the soil…forever.  So, not only is it highly effective, but it’s PERMANENT, so you never have to think about it again!

If that’s not enough, EcSS 3000 ™ is also the most eco-friendly and least invasive soil stabilization treatment on the market.

The charges of the soil particles are changed without using any harsh chemicals that leak into the soil or water supply. This is good news if you want to plant a garden or anything else in your yard, for that matter!

It’s the exact same soil. It just won’t swell!

Why You Should Insist On EcSS 3000 Before You Move In

There are a couple of reasons why it’s best to have this treatment done BEFORE you move in and, preferably, even before you buy.

As we’ve mentioned, EcSS 3000 ™ is a PERMANENT solution to soil swelling.  If it has already been performed, you won’t have to worry about soil swelling ever again.  This can end up saving you THOUSANDS of dollars down the line.

Soil swelling can happen VERY quickly. Don’t wait until your foundation is cracked and your doors no longer close properly to treat your soil. By then, you will have to spend a lot of money on repairs, and you’ll still need to invest in EcSS 3000 ™soil stabilization.

Have Us Come Take A Look At Your Soil And Foundation

Chances are if you live in the Amarillo area , your house is built on clay soil.  If it is, and it hasn’t been treated, you will likely see some swelling issues.

With our soil, you can expect this sooner rather than later.

That being said, we are more than happy to take a look to let you know what we think. It is always better to stabilize your soil before it swells, but it’s never too late! Even if your foundation has already shifted, there is plenty we can do.

Call us today for an in-depth 27-point foundation analysis.

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