Should I Choose Soil Stabilization Injection Over Dust Suppressants?


Why Choose Soil Stabilization Injection Over Dust Suppressants

Why Choose Soil Stabilization Injection Over Dust Suppressants

The soil that surrounds your foundation is as important as the foundation itself. If the soil is too soft and worn down, your foundation may begin to settle and sink. If the soil is too moist and expands, it might apply pressure to your foundation that causes serious cracks. So often homeowners use techniques to stabilize the soil and, by extension, their foundation. However, in addition to soil stabilization injection techniques, there are also dust suppressants. Why should you choose soil stabilization injection over dust suppressant techniques? First, let’s break down the difference between the two.

Soil Stabilization Injection Techniques vs. Dust Suppressant Techniques

Dust suppressants are used for soil that has become too dry and dusty. They add moisture to the soil, weighing it down by wetting it. Some dust suppressants even have long lasting effects, so this moister, richer soil will continue to hold long after the dust suppressant treatment. Soil stabilization injection, however, is designed to create a stable cap on the soil, protecting it from shrinking or swelling due to the elements. EcSS 3000, the soil stabilization injection brand that we use at Childers Brothers, transforms the soil on a molecular level, decreasing negative charges in clay particles to vastly decrease or eliminate soil swelling.

Soil Stabilization Injection Techniques Tackles Swelling Soil

The main issue is that soil stabilization and dust suppressants tackle different issues. Dust suppressants are designed to resolve the issue of dry, dusty soil. However, it does little to stop soil from swelling. In fact, the point of dust suppressants is to expand the soil somewhat. But what if the issue is damp, expanding soil? In the latter case, only soil stabilization injections will help resolve the issue, without making the soil too dry and brittle.

Soil Stabilization Is Environmentally Friendly

Soil stabilization injection uses a precise injection method that is minimally invasive. High tech machinery is used to carefully alter the molecules of the soil, particularly the exact charged ions that attract water. Science has proven this soil stabilization injection technique over and over, as have our many successful soil stabilization projects for residential homes and companies like 24-Hour Fitness the D/FW International Airport.

Soil Stabilization Injection Lasts

Our Soil-based foundation issues can be quite costly, but with this project, after one time, you won’t have to worry about the state of your soil ever again. EcSS 3000 permanently changes the molecules of your soil, dropping soil swelling down to 1-2% permanently and potentially even eliminating soil swelling completely.

Interested in soil stabilization injection techniques for your home, Commercial or Industrial project? Contact Childers Brothers Inc. today for more information or to get started with a free quote.

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