Why Helical Piers

Why Helical Piers

5 Reasons Helical Piers Are The Right Way To Fix Sunken Foundation In West Texas

Is Your Foundation Failing? Choose A Contractor That Specializes In Helical Pier Installation.

There are good ways to failing foundations in West Texas… and there are more than a few bad ways.

Today, we’ll focus on the best way to fix SUNKEN foundation: Helical piers.

A helical pier is relatively simple technology that gets big results. Essentially, a helical pier is a giant screw drilled into the ground. It relies on torque—not the weight of your home— to lift your foundation.

What makes helical piers the superior method of foundation repair in West Texas? Here are 5 reasons…

#1: Helical Piers Offer Quicker Installation

Helical piers require expertise to install, but companies that are capable of helical pier installation can fix your foundation pretty quickly.

Helical piers only require a small crew and can be drilled at a rate of about 10 feet every 5 minutes. And unlike some concrete-based foundation repair methods, they require no curing time. That makes helical piers a great choice if you want a fast foundation repair option.

#2: Helical Piers Are Long Lasting

Helical piers last a long, long time. While they may not be as cheap up front as concrete shoring pads and push piles, they deliver a MUCH better long-term value.

What makes helical piers so strong? One reason is that they’re made with high-quality metal. Let’s be honest—concrete wears down over time. It’s simply the nature of the material. But helical piers made with quality metal DON’T.

The other reason helical piers are so stout? Their high load-bearing capacity…

#3: Helical Piers Can Carry Bigger Loads

Helical piers are screwed into the earth with torque. That means they don’t rely on the weight of your home to keep them in place.

As such, helical piers can carry much larger loads than solutions like concrete shoring pads and concrete push piles. It also means they can go MUCH deeper—whatever depth is required to reach long-bearing strata.

#4: Helical Piers Work Well Even In Poor Soil

Soil quality usually plays an important part in the kind of foundation repair method you can use. Low-quality soil can cause your foundation to shift.
The design of helical piers allows them to compress the existing soil and apply tension to it. This ensures the piers remain fixed in place.

#5: Helical Piers Minimally Impact The Worksite And Environment

Since their installation doesn’t require much space, machinery, or manpower, helical piers produce less unwanted impact to a worksite and surrounding environment than other foundation repair methods.
Bottom line: Helical piers are an excellent “clean” foundation repair method for homeowners who don’t want to deal with a huge mess.

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