Why Most “Lifetime” Foundation Repair Warranties Are A Joke

Why Most “Lifetime” Foundation Repair Warranties Are A Joke

Loopholes, Exclusions & Fine Print

Are Par For The Course.


I like a rock-solid guarantee as much as the next consumer. When I buy something, I want to know it will do what it’s supposed to do… and do it for a long time.

But I just can’t get behind the average foundation repair warranty. And when I explain the little-known details of these warranties, you’ll understand why.

Lifetime Foundation Repair Warranties Are Typically A Sales Tool

Let’s be honest—it feels good buying things that have “lifetime warranties.” The implication is that if anything ever goes wrong with the product, you won’t have to pay to repair or replace it.

This is why many foundation repair companies advertise lifetime warranties. They’re a feel-good item. You think that you’ll never, ever have to worry about your foundation again.

But what’s actually covered—or should I say, NOT covered—in these warranties would surprise you.

And not in a good way.

The Company Whose Best Salesman Was The Warranty Guy

A few years ago, there was a large foundation repair company that got really sneaky with their warranties.

What they’d do is push hard on the warranty during the sales meeting and install cheap products. When those products inevitably failed, the company’s warranty guy would go to a customer’s home and say the problem wasn’t covered under the warranty. The warranty guy then made the customer pay out of pocket to have the issue fixed.

As a result, this company’s warranty representative was their most profitable salesperson!

Eventually, this company had a class-action lawsuit filed against them and had to downsize. But that didn’t scare other companies from pulling the shady warranty tricks.

I’d know. We constantly get calls to repair problems that other companies’ “lifetime” warranties are supposed to cover. Once a homeowner discovers the company is trying to dupe them into paying more, they often turn to us.


Because we’ve built a reputation of TRUST since 1972. Our premium products, science-based solutions, and top technicians ensure top-notch, worry-free foundation repair in West Texas. Period.

Where Childers Brothers Stands On Foundation Repair Warranties

We’re not interested in selling jobs based on feel-good warranty fluff. Because here’s the reality: If your products WORK, why do you need to push a warranty to get business?

So our “warranty” is simple…

We do the job 100% exactly right the first time. And if our products or workmanship cause an issue in the part of your foundation we repaired? We come back and fix it.

There are just two conditions:

Condition #1

The issue occurs in the part of the foundation we repaired as the result of faulty installation or materials. Unfortunately, we can’t know the “health” of your foundation outside of the area we’re focused on. I’ll discuss this more in a future article.

Condition #2

Different foundation systems have different lifespans. For example, helical piers can easily last decades. Pier and beam foundations, though, should be adjusted every two to four years.

We’ll absolutely, 100% come back and correct a problem within a product’s or solution’s expected lifespan. But if someone has an issue with their pier and beam foundation we adjusted 20 years ago? That’s not due to faulty workmanship or materials. It’s simply the result of Father Time.

Bottom Line

Our “warranty” is an ironclad promise to you that we utilize the absolute best products and installation. If you experience an issue due to those products or installation, we’ll fix it for free.

But, unlike some foundation companies, we’re also straightforward about what our warranty TRULY covers. No bait-and-switch nonsense. No empty promises. Period.

If our insistence on premium quality and refreshing honesty sounds good to you, get in touch. We would be honored to perform a free 27-Point Foundation Analysis on your home.

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