Why We Film Our Foundation Inspections In The Amarillo Area

Why We Film Our Foundation Inspections In The Amarillo Area

Foundation Issues Are “Hidden” In Places You Can’t See.

That’s Why We Show You Actual Video Proof Of The Problem.


It’s one thing to take an Amarillo foundation contractor’s word that you have a problem. It’s another thing to see actual evidence of that problem. That’s why we’re the one foundation company in the area that films our inspections.

Here’s the thing: Foundation repair isn’t like window replacement, siding installation, kitchen remodeling, or any other type of home improvement project. You can see when a window’s busted. You can see when siding is dented. You can see when a kitchen is outdated.

But when a foundation has settled or heaved? That’s MUCH harder for the average homeowner to detect. Sure, you may be able to spot signs of trouble. But the precise problem—and the true extent of the damage—is always impossible to assess by anyone other than a qualified professional.

We record our foundation inspections to show you we are that qualified professional. Simply telling you about the issue isn’t enough. At Childers Brothers, we’re all about building trust, transmitting transparency, and providing PROOF of your problem.

We want you to know exactly what you’re going to spend your money on… before you actually spend it. And that means strapping a GoPro camera on our technician’s head and hitting “record” as he performs your inspection.

Here’s a video inspection performed by Michael, Foundation Structural Technician at Childers Brothers:

As you can see in the video, the foundation was sinking on one side of the customer’s home. During the concise overview that Michael provides, the customer quickly discovers…

  • The overview of the problem (sunken foundation)
  • The signs of the problem (cracked bricks, crooked roof)
  • The damage the problem is causing (plumbing leaks, drafty windows)

Many of the symptoms were easy for the customer to spot. But notice at the 1:58 mark how Michael applies the level to the customer’s roof to demonstrate just how much the foundation has shifted. This is something the customer never noticed, but it was a MAJOR issue.

That’s what I mean when I say only a qualified professional can assess the true severity of the damage. And by showing video proof of the problem, we were able to help the customer have a much clearer understanding of the extent of his foundation issues.

Want This Kind Of In-Depth Foundation Inspection? Get In Touch…

If you have a foundation problem, don’t just take a contractor’s word for it. Foundation repair in the Amarillo area can cost a good chunk of money, so it’s smart to see the full extent of the problem before investing in repairs.

That’s why we provide foundation inspections—video recordings and all—completely free of charge. Not only is it the moral thing to do, but it also allows you to make an educated decision about how to proceed.

Bottom line: At Childers Brothers, transparency is the name of the game. We leave NOTHING to the imagination, and we don’t leave ANYTHING to chance. It’s how we’ve gotten 15,000 satisfied customers and nearly five decades in business.

Get in touch today for your free foundation inspection. Our inspections include a 27-Point Analysis and video documentation of our findings so YOU have hard PROOF of the actual problem… and what it will take to fix it RIGHT the first time.

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