Concrete Leveling for Patios

Concrete Leveling for Patios

Concrete patios can serve a variety of purposes. They can be places for playing or grilling, lounging or entertaining. If the concrete begins to sink and settle, however, it can become an eyesore. And if the concrete cracks and crumbles enough where it must be replaced, it can become an expensive eyesore. That is where concrete leveling comes into play. We can lift and level your concrete patio slab and prevent settlement from causing more cracking problems.

Childers Brothers offers polyurethane foam concrete leveling solutions in Northwest Texas, serving cities such as Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, Midland and Odessa. We also serve portions of Eastern New Mexico, including Roswell, Hobbs and Clovis.

Reasons to Level Your Patio with Polyurethane Foam

Leveling your patio slab will produce a couple of main advantages.

First, it eliminates trip and fall hazards, making your patio a safer place for you and your family. If there is a crack with an elevation change or an elevation change between sections of the slab, it can be a hazard to those walking on it.

Second, while our concrete raising foam services can’t eliminate cracks, they can make them level again and get rid of the settling forces that could cause them to spread. This will lengthen the lifespan of your slab and keep the cracks from further detracting from the look of your porch.

Third, concrete leveling can restore the original grading of the slab, limiting problems with pooling water and preventing issues such as water flowing back toward your home’s foundation.

While those are the benefits to concrete leveling in general, our concrete slab leveling foam carries benefits over other methods.

It is precise to within fractions of an inch. The holes needed to inject the foam are also much smaller than mudjacking, decreasing damage to the slab and making them easier to fill in properly when the lifting process is complete.

How We Level Patios With Foam

slab lifting foam

While each project will vary slightly depending on circumstances, if your patio is in need of foam leveling, we first will determine the precise locations where the foam should be injected. We will then drill a small, coin-sized hole at each injection site.

After the holes have been drilled, we inject the expanding polyurethane foam, constantly monitoring the results to ensure that we avoid problems with over-lifting.

Once the patio has been leveled, we clean the site and fill the injection holes.

What if the Patio Isn’t Sinking but Heaving Instead?

Here is the caveat, and why it is good to hire a concrete leveling contractor who has more than one solution. Sometimes, especially in areas with active clay soils like the Texas Panhandle, upheaval could be causing the concrete problems instead of settlement.

In this case, soil stabilization might be necessary rather than concrete raising. Childers Brothers offers a scientifically proven soil stabilization method that severely limits soil’s shrink-swell cycles, stopping upheaval problems in their tracks.

Read more about our soil stabilization methods.

Contact Childers Brothers for Patio Lifting Services

Whether your patio is suffering from settlement or upheaval, Childers Brothers has the scientifically-proven tools and expertise to level it, saving you from the far greater cost of replacing the entire driveway. Contact us today for more information on our concrete leveling services.

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