Helical Piers

Nothing Fixes Settled Foundations In Amarillo Like
Helical Piers

Our High-Tech Helical Piers Raise Your
Foundation With Pinpoint Precision.

When it comes to raising sunken foundation in the Amarillo area, few solutions are as reliable as Childers Brothers helical pier installation.

Our helical piers are a state-of-the-art, long-term solution to repairing your sunken foundation with pinpoint accuracy. Using special equipment, we “screw” our helical piers into the earth using hydraulic pressure until it reaches the solid soil strata below your home. We then attach proprietary brackets to the foundation and lift it using a special jack. Once we lift your foundation to the required position, we secure it to the brackets. This permanently transfers the structure’s load to stable strata.

Here are five reasons our helical piers are such a worthy investment to fix sunken foundation…

Helical Piers


What it is: A heavy-duty steel pier that “screws” into the ground to raise sunken foundation.

Why It Works: Helical piers can go much deeper into the soil than other foundation-raising solutions. They also have a much larger load-bearing capacity than concrete piles and shoring pads.

Who It’s For: Residential and commercial properties currently experiencing sunken foundation or those who want a preventative measure in new construction.

Helical Piers Installation Amarillo TX1. Our Helical Piers Go DEEP

Other foundation-raising solutions like concrete piles and shoring pads can go down only a few feet. This means they can’t get out of the active soil zone to reach proper load-bearing strata, which can cause your foundation to shift over time.

Helical piers, however, can go as deep as we need them to go. 50 feet… 70 feet… 100 feet… whatever it takes to reach the proper load-bearing soil beneath your home. That’s because, unlike methods such as concrete push piles, helical piers don’t rely on the weight of the structure to push them down. They’re hydraulically driven into the earth—and they do NOT shift once they’re installed.

Helical Pier Torque Measuring Amarillo TX

2. Our Helical Piers Are PRECISE

We use high-tech digital equipment to tell us how much torque it takes to turn a helical pier into the ground. As a result, we can pinpoint exactly how far down to go to reach the RIGHT soil and exactly how much that soil can hold.

For example: If we get a torque reading of 3,000, then that tells us the soil can hold about 30,000lbs. This level of precision ensures we install the helical piers in the correct spot the first time.

Helical Piers Installation Amarillo TX

3. Our Helical Piers Are STRONG

One of our helical piers can hold 12,000lbs, which is double the industry-standard safety limit of 6,000lbs for load-carrying capacity. In other words—our helical piers provide a 2-to-1 safety factor when installed on your home!

To give you an idea of how strong our helical piers are, consider this: We’ve installed thousands and thousands of them since 1972… and have had to go back readjust just ONE of them due to a product-related issue.

Conversely, we have to fix other companies’ foundation-raising solutions—concrete piles and shoring pads, for example—about three to five times PER YEAR. That shows you just how much more reliable our helical piers truly are.

Foundation Helical Piers Installation Amarillo TX4. Our Helical Piers Are CLEAN

Because of our precision equipment and installation process, our helical pier installation keeps the mess to a minimum. Helical piers thread into the ground, which allows us to install them on your home with limited excavation work.

And while concrete solutions can take time to install and cure, our helical pier installation is a quick and efficient process. Bad weather doesn’t have an effect on helical pier installation as it does with concrete-based methods—as long as there is no lightning, we can typically install helical piers even in the rain. What’s more, our helical piers require minimal support equipment. That means a tidier jobsite, swifter cleanup, and faster overall completion time.

Residential Helical Piers Installation Amarillo TX

5. Our Helical Piers Cause Your Home ZERO STRESS

Solutions like concrete piles and shoring pads rely on the weight of your home to drive the product into the ground. This can cause stress on your home, which can lead to structural problems.

Helical piers, however, are twisted into the ground using the proper amount of torque with a mini-excavator. As such, our helical piers don’t need a single ounce of your property to weigh them down. This means ZERO stress on your home or structure.

Childers Brothers Foundation Repair Technicians Helical Pier Installation In Amarillo TX

Why Choose Us For Helical Pier Installation

Top Technicians: Helical piers require expertise and laser-beam precision. All Childers Brothers technicians are fully trained and certified to install helical piers using the latest and greatest industry practices. We can even do Micropiles if soil conditions require it.

The Highest-Grade Steel: Our helical piers are made in the USA and mill certified. With a traceable heat code, every one of our parts, from the smallest nut to the largest pile, is made with properties that meet the American Society For Testing & Materials (ASTM) steel material specifications and Internal Code Council (ICC) compliances.

A Manufacturer That CARES: Not many manufacturers would literally fly out to a client’s business and overhaul its quality controls because of a single (small) issue with the product. But our helical pier manufacturer does.

Word-Is-Bond Warranty: Our helical piers carry an industry-leading 30-year material warranty. This is in addition to our own Word-Is-Bond Warranty, in which we protect you if a product- or installation-related issue ever occurs.

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