Pier & Beam Adjustment

For Amarillo Homes With Crawl Space Foundations:
Pier & Beam Adjustment

We Can Readjust Your Crawl Space’s
Piers & Beams Back To Good-As-New Condition.

If you have an older home, there’s a good chance that you have a crawl space foundation. And if you think you’re experiencing crawl space issues, we’re the company to turn to.

At Childers Brothers, we specialize in pier and beam adjustment for crawl space foundations. Pier and beam foundations can fail for a variety of reasons, and we have the expertise to pinpoint the precise problem…

  • Deflected (fallen) grade beams
  • Supports that have sunken into the ground
  • Cracked and broken joists
  • Rotted sill plates
  • Malfunctioning beams

Pier & Beam Adjustment


What it is: Realigning the piers and beams that make up a crawl space foundation to level your home.

Why It Works: We utilize special techniques and tools that allow us to combat both foundation settlement and upheaval.

Who It’s For: Homeowners who are having issues with their crawl space foundation.

Depending on whether your foundation has settled or heaved, we can adjust the piers and beams accordingly. This will ensure each pier and beam is holding the appropriate weight load. Bottom line: No matter the cause of the problem, we will uncover it with our 27-Point Analysis to determine the right plan of action to fix it.

To make sure your crawl space foundation remains in top condition, we recommend adjusting your piers and beams every two to four years. Pier and beam foundations have fewer support points than concrete-slab foundations, as we explain in this article. As such, they aren’t quite as stout as other types of foundation and need a little extra TLC.

We know… you don’t want to hear that! But the truth is that misaligned piers and beams can lead to astronomically expensive problems with your home if neglected. With this type of foundation, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—and potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, we deliver true value for your dollars. We utilize better products. Our top technicians work with surgical precision. And one of our Core Values is to-a-fault honesty. In other words, we do what’s best for YOU… not what’s best for our bottom line.

Pier & Beam Adjustment Amarillo TX

Think You Need Pier & Beam Adjustment Near Amarillo?

There are many telltale signs you may need pier and beam adjustment in the Amarillo area. Your floors may slope, sag, or “bounce.” Your windows and doors may be sticking or won’t latch. You may notice cracks in sheetrock or brick. Whatever the symptoms, our free 27-Point Analysis will examine them so we can determine a proper diagnosis.

This sounds like a medical exam… because it basically is! Your foundation is ailing. And we’re the experts who perform a head-to-toe exam utilizing all sorts of tools, tests, and technology. It’s why over 15,000 customers have trusted us since 1972. We give you straight facts and honest solutions. Guaranteed.

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