Our Amarillo Area Foundation Inspections Are EXTREMELY Thorough, For Good Reason

Our Amarillo Area Foundation Inspections Are EXTREMELY Thorough, For Good Reason

Unlike Some Foundation Repair Companies, Our 27-Point Analysis Pours Over Every Detail. We Leave NOTHING To Chance.

We have our reasons for taking the time to inspect every nook and cranny when it comes to your foundation.  While some foundation repair companies in the Texas panhandle will give you a quick 10 minute inspection, our 27-Point Analysis can take as long as a couple of hours to make sure we note EVERY issue the first time.

Here’s why that’s good for you and why to watch out for anyone who claims to understand your foundation problems off of one quick glance.

What Are We Looking For?

The answer to that question is a LOT of things. Foundation and settling issues can cause various symptoms ranging from the extremely subtle to the extremely obvious. Taking the time to make sure you have located every possible symptom is CRUCIAL to figuring out what is wrong and developing a repair plan.

As for the basics, we always measure the level of your basement, floors, and foundation. We also have to check your doors and windows for signs of misalignment.

Our 27-Point Analysis doesn’t stop there, though. We also inspect your soil, measure moisture levels, and ultimately utilize over one DOZEN high-tech tools to get to the source of your foundation problems.

Signs You Should Call Us

While you may not have the tools we have at your disposal, there are some signs you can look for that can tell you if an inspection is a good idea.

Cracks are common in concrete, tile, and even brick, so don’t panic just because you see some cracking in your tile or concrete.  Cracks are not always a sign of serious foundational damage.

There are some clues we use to ascertain if cracks are, in fact, symptomatic of a shifting or sunken foundation.

You might not have to worry too much if the cracks are all vertical, small, and more narrow than a dime. When you start seeing horizontal cracks that run parallel to your foundation, you may need to worry. This is a likely sign of a sunken foundation.

While you can repair the cracks and other issues, you will not permanently eliminate the problem unless you address the root cause: your shifting foundation. Repairing the damage alone will NOT stop this.

Fortunately, there are some things we can do.

What Can We Do About It?

The solution is largely dependent on the problem.  If your foundation is already sunken, we have special techniques for raising them, such as Helical Piers.  These giant metal corkscrews can safely and securely lift your sunken foundation back to where it needs to be.

Unlike concrete piles and other foundation-raising options, helical piers put no stress on your home.  That’s one MAJOR reason; they’re our recommendation for raising sunken foundations.

If your foundation problems are caused by soil swelling, your soil should undergo soil stabilization.  The best method we’ve found is the EcSS 3000 soil stabilization system.  It works by changing the ionic charge of the clay in your soil to make it less absorbent.  It’s a simple, clean solution that PERMANENTLY fixes your soil.

While there are alternatives to EcSS 3000 soil stabilization, they all have major downsides. They either make the soil unusable for gardening and planting, they dry out your soil too much, or they just don’t fix the problem. Our solution is permanent, safe, and the most effective one out there.

Our Amarillo Area Foundation Inspections Are EXTREMELY Thorough, For Good Reason 1


Your foundation is the base of your home. If it shifts or sinks, so does the rest of your home. Don’t trust foundation repair to just anyone. At Childers Brothers Leveling, we will take the time to meticulously and precisely inspect your foundation to come up with the right solution.

Schedule a free 27-Point Analysis if you have ANY signs of foundation trouble. We are happy to help.

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