Amarillo Foundation Solutions: Helical Piers & Concrete Leveling Experts

Amarillo Foundation Solutions: Helical Piers & Concrete Leveling Experts

In the unique and challenging terrain of Amarillo, Texas, concrete leveling and safeguarding the structural stability of buildings are top priorities. Childers Brothers, Inc., a seasoned leader with over 50 years in foundation repair, provides a range of expert services tailored to meet these demands. Their offerings include the robust and precise implementation of helical piers, alongside specialized skills in concrete leveling—a vital service for maintaining even and safe surfaces.

Helical Piers: Combining Depth, Precision, and Strength

Childers Brothers excels in the use of helical piers, which are designed to penetrate beyond the unstable surface soil to reach more stable layers deep underground. These piers are installed with exceptional precision using advanced digital torque measurement tools.

These helical piers are notably robust, supporting loads twice the capacity typically recommended by industry standards, which significantly minimizes the risk of future structural adjustments. Additionally, the installation process of these piers is notably clean and efficient, ensuring minimal disruption and adherence to project timelines, regardless of weather conditions.

Concrete Leveling: Focused on Precision and Efficiency

Childers Brothers’ expertise in concrete leveling is crucial for addressing uneven concrete surfaces, an essential service for the stability and safety of structures. This technique is particularly important for realigning driveways, walkways, patios, and other concrete surfaces that may shift due to soil movement or compaction. Uneven concrete can pose significant risks, including tripping hazards, water drainage issues, and further structural damage if left unaddressed.

Using advanced methods and state-of-the-art equipment, Childers Brothers efficiently lifts and stabilizes concrete to restore it to its original level with minimal intrusion and disruption. Their precise approach ensures that the underlying issues causing the unevenness are thoroughly addressed, providing a long-term solution rather than a temporary fix. The process involves injecting a specialized polyurethane foam beneath the sunken concrete, which then expands and hardens, lifting the concrete back into place. This method is quick, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties in Amarillo and beyond.

By choosing Childers Brothers for concrete leveling, customers can be confident in the durability and reliability of the repair, ensuring safe and stable surfaces that stand the test of time.

Comprehensive Foundation Solutions

Childers Brothers doesn’t just stop at helical piers and concrete leveling; they offer extensive solutions for a variety of foundation needs:

Soil Stabilization: By using EcSS 3000™

Childers Brothers addresses soil expansion, a common root cause of foundation problems. This scientifically validated method permanently changes the soil’s molecular structure, preventing swelling and the associated damage to foundations. The result is a stable, long-lasting solution that enhances the overall durability and integrity of the building’s foundation.

soil stabilization process
Amarillo Foundation Solutions: Helical Piers & Concrete Leveling Experts 2

Pier and Beam Adjustment: Specializing in crawl space foundations

Childers Brothers ensures that piers and beams are expertly realigned to support the structural loads necessary for preserving older buildings. This service is vital for maintaining the integrity and safety of historic structures, which can deteriorate or shift over time. Using advanced diagnostic tools, Childers Brothers meticulously adjusts and reinforces the piers and beams, preventing further damage and extending the life of these important structures.

Basement Stabilization: Through techniques like H-beam installation and carbon fiber sheet applications

Childers Brothers tackles issues with bowed or bulging basement walls. These methods enhance the strength and stability of the walls, effectively addressing existing damage. By reinforcing the basement structure, they prevent future concerns, ensuring the long-term integrity and safety of the building

H-beam for stabilizing bowing basement walls

Childers Brothers, Inc. stands out as a leading provider of foundation services in Amarillo. Their commitment to innovation and comprehensive solutions not only addresses immediate foundation issues but also targets their underlying causes, offering long-term stability and reassurance to property owners.

Foundation Worries? Get Expert Help!

If you’re noticing signs of foundation distress, it’s crucial to act swiftly. Childers Brothers offers a thorough 27-point foundation analysis at no cost to you. Protect the integrity and safety of your home by scheduling your free assessment today. Call 800-299-9563 or visit to get started. Let Childers Brothers help you ensure your home stands strong.

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