Basement Wall Stabilization in Abilene

Basement Stabilization Services For Abilene Homeowners

There’s No “One Size Fits All” Rule For Basement Stabilization

Each and every home in the Abilene area is built differently, which makes the job of basement stabilization a pretty tricky endeavor.

Lucky for you, your local foundation repair experts are on the case!

If you have already started noticing signs of cracked or bowing basement walls, the time to act is now. These are clear signs that your home’s foundation is compromised, which can quickly escalate to even more severe and expensive repairs.

At Childers Brothers, we take an open-minded approach to each and every basement stabilization project in order to provide Abilene homeowners with the most effective solution available.

Basement Stabilization Options For Abilene Homes

The first step towards diagnosing the best basement stabilization method for your home is by scheduling your free 27-point analysis. Our 27-point analysis will determine once and for all how severe your foundation damage is, the root cause of the damage, and a tried-and-true repair method.

When it comes to basement stabilization methods, there isn’t a “One Size Fits All Rule.” We curate special solutions based on the needs of your home.

That being said, two of our most common forms of basement stabilization procedures include H-Beams and Carbon Fiber Sheets.

  • H-Beams: H-Beams are the least-intrusive solution to bowing or cracked basement walls. The basement of a home is typically responsible for withholding structural integrity, a vital responsibility. H-Beams are constructed from high-grade rust-resistant steel that can be regularly tightened to continuously stabilize your basement for years to come.
  • Carbon Fiber Sheets: If you are an Abilene resident looking for a cost-effective solution to basement stabilization, carbon fiber sheets may be your saving grace. Carbon fiber sheets are installed directly over your basement walls, cracks and all, in order to strengthen them. Carbon fiber sheets are proven to be stronger than steel and will effectively prevent further foundation damage upon installation.

“The process was carefully explained. All questions were answered. From my initial contact with the office, the evaluation and plan, through the job completion and follow-up, every one representing Childers Brothers was pleasant, professional, and competent. I can recommend them with confidence.”

Rhonda M.

Wheeler, TX

What Makes Childers Brothers Special?

While we could boast the same “best materials,” “best outcome,” or “best price” mantra that every other basement stabilization company drags on about, we prefer to focus on what actually sets us apart from the competition.

  • Science-Based Solutions: More often than not, basement stabilization companies offer one or a few solutions they believe will fix the problem without ever actually inspecting your home. At Childers Brothers, we never show up to a job site with a remedy in mind. We assess the situation case-by-case to provide Abilene homeowners with science-based solutions.
  • Top Technicians: We pride ourselves on only relying on in-house technicians that have been properly trained to meet our extremely high expectations. At Childers Brothers, “average” is not in our vocabulary. We provide extensive vigorous training to all of our technicians to ensure up-to-date best practices are being implemented during every project.
  • Relentlessly Reliable: The days of lofty timelines and unreliable deadlines are long gone for Abilene residents. We know how much you value your time and we never intend on wasting it. From the very beginning, our experienced team provides clear communication, expectations, and deadlines in order to help you plan ahead as much as possible. Our reliability has helped our reputation grow to where it is today.

“Very professional throughout the job. They kept us informed on what they were doing each day and the timeline it would take.”

Ray G.

Levelland, TX

Our Tried-And-True Basement Stabilization Process NEVER Fails

How can we boast a 100% success rate? By taking a unique approach to each and every basement stabilization project!

Our dedicated team focuses primarily on three key concepts for Abilene home foundation repair. We refer to these principles as the three “s’s.”

  • Strengthen: We will improve the overall strength of your basement walls and foundation to prevent future damage.
  • Stabilize: We provide unique long-term solutions to stabilizing your basement walls, not just a “quick fix.”
  • Straighten: We ensure your bowed basement walls are straight as an arrow before we leave the job site.

Searching for a Bowing Wall Repair Expert Near You?
Childers Brothers Is Here To Help!

We know how deeply Abilene homeowners care about the longevity of their homes. Whether you plan on passing down your home to a family member or waiting for the right time to put it up for sale, keeping your home in tip-top shape should always be a priority.

The foundation of a home is the backbone of structural integrity and often a frequent cause of additional damage to the home. Ensuring a stable foundation could simply be accomplished through basement stabilization or a combination of our science-based solutions.

Are you ready to leave your foundation problems in the past once and for all? Reach out to the professional and helpful staff at (800) 299-9563 or get in touch today!

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