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Abilene Foundation Repair

Science-Based Foundation Repair in Abilene, TX From Childers Brothers

Despite being a growing metropolis, Abilene remains a laid back and friendly community, even earning it the nickname “the Friendly Frontier.” It’s no wonder that so many beginning their adult life choose to find their home in Abilene, TX, and even start a family. That kind of start requires a good foundation, one that will last. But rarely will your home’s foundation last forever without some foundation repair to help keep it in shape. That’s how Childers Brothers, Inc. can help.


If Your Abilene Foundation Is Failing, Look To the Cause Before You Schedule Foundation Repair

A failing foundation is a nuanced problem. There is much that helps to hold your home up, from the piers and beams that do the physical work to the soil that surrounds your foundation. If your foundation is sinking, it could be that your piers and beams have become weakened, or  that the soil beneath your foundation is sinking. You may also notice cracks on your basement wall, which could indicate swollen foundational soil, also damaging to your home. The right foundation repair company will be able to assess the cause of the failing foundation before they begin the repairs.


Trust Childers Brothers and Our Science-Based Approach To Foundation Repair

We know that every foundation issue is different, so we don’t simply assume the solution before we arrive on the job. Instead, we begin with a 27-point analysis to find the root cause of the foundation issues and then apply one of our science-based solutions to repair the foundation in a way that lasts and even strengthens the foundation for years to come.  Our team is trained and equipped to handle several foundation repair issues, including:

  • Helical piers
  • Pier & beam installation
  • Basement stabilization
  • Soil stabilization


Why Choose Childers Brothers For Your Abilene, TX Foundation Repair?

With 50 years of experience and a passion for our local area and our customers, Childers Brothers make an excellent team to tackle any foundation repair. Here are a few reasons to work with us, whether you need foundation repair or other leveling services in Abilene, TX:

  • 27-point analysis and science-based solutions. We don’t show up with our preconceived biases of what foundation repair solution to employ. Instead, we do a comprehensive analysis to determine the best foundation repair solution for each case.
  • Top-notch products and team. We use some of the best products in the industry and back them with the best technicians so that we fix your foundation issues the first time.
  • Word-is-bond warranties. Our warranties are simple: if something goes wrong, we’ll come back and fix it.
  • Financing options for homeowners or business owners on a budget.


Other Leveling Services in Abilene, TX By Childers Brothers

Whatever your leveling issues, Childers Brothers can help. Here are our other services:


Get Started Today!

Don’t let your foundation repair issue go by the wayside. Contact Childers Brothers today to learn more or to get started. Living outside Abilene, TX? Check out our other service areas to see if you’re within our range.

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