Abilene Helical Pier Installation

Have A Settled Foundation In Abilene, Texas? A Helical Pier Installation May Be Just What You Need

Our Helical Piers Will Raise Your Foundation With Expert Precision

When your foundation sinks in Abilene, TX, you will find few solutions better than a Childers Brothers helical pier installation.

We use special equipment that screws our helical piers hydraulically down until they reach the solid soil strata below your home. We then attach our proprietary brackets to your foundation and lift it with a special jack. Once it is lifted to the required position, we secure it to the brackets. This process permanently transfers the structure’s load to the stable strata, making our helical piers a long-term solution to repairing your sunken foundation with pinpoint accuracy.

There are five reasons our helical piers make an excellent investment in your foundation repair.

1. We Drive Our Helical Piers Deep

Alternative solutions like concrete piles and shoring pads can only go down a few feet. This means they cannot get out of the active soil zone to reach the proper load-bearing strata. This, in turn, can cause your foundation to shift again over time.

On the other hand, helical piers can go as deep as we need them to go.  This is because, unlike other methods, helical piers do not rely on the weight of the structure to push them down.  They are hydraulically driven into the earth, and they do not shift once they are installed.

2. Our Helical Pier Installation Is Precise

Our high-tech digital equipment tells us exactly how much torque it will take to turn a helical pier into the ground.  Because of this, we can pinpoint exactly how far down we need to go to reach the load-bearing strata and exactly how much weight that soil can hold.  This level of precision ensures that we install the helical piers in the correct spot the first time.

3. Our Helical Piers Are Strong

The industry-standard safety limit for load-carrying capacity is 6,000lbs.  One of our helical piers can hold 12,000lbs.  This means our helical piers provide a 2-to-1 safety factor when installed on your home.

Since 1972 we have installed thousands and thousands of helical piers. We have only had to go back and readjust one of them due to a product-related issue.

On the other hand, we routinely fix other companies’ foundation-raising solutions, like concrete piles and shoring pads, about three to five times per year. This shows you how much more reliable our helical piers truly are.

4. Our Helical Piers Installation Is Clean

Our installation process is very precise and features precision equipment. Because of this, we are able to keep the mess to a minimum. Helical piers are threaded into the ground, allowing for installation with limited excavation work.

Our helical pier installation is a quick and efficient process, while concrete solutions can take time to install and cure. Bad weather also does not have an effect on helical pier installation. As long as there is no lightning, we can typically complete installation in the rain. Additionally, our helical piers require minimal support equipment, meaning a tidier job site, faster cleanup, and quicker overall completion time.

5. Our Helical Piers Cause Your Home Zero Stress

Stressed Woman Looking At Crack

Other solutions, like concrete piles and shoring pads, can cause stress on your home, leading to structural problems. This is because they rely on the weight of your home to drive them into the ground.

Helical piers, on the other hand, are twisted into the ground using the proper level of torque by a mini-excavator. Because of this, our helical piers do not require any part of your home to weigh them down. This means zero stress on your home.

What Childers Brothers Brings To The Table

We stand by our core values when operating our business.  We believe in doing what’s right and staying on top of changing trends.

Innovation: At Childers Brothers, we know that the industry is always changing, and foundation practices must change with it. We continually evolve our company by utilizing the industry’s latest and best materials, technology, and tools. We are constantly expanding our knowledge base, enhancing our product offerings, and staying ahead of the curve.

Honesty: We believe in being upfront about everything. We always recommend what’s best for you, not our bottom line.

Top Technicians: Helical piers require expertise and laser-beam precision. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to install helical piers using the latest and best industry practices.

The Highest-Grade Steel: We only use helical piers made in the USA that are mill certified. They also have a traceable heat code. All of our parts, from the smallest nut to the largest pile, are made to meet ASTM steel material specifications and ICC compliances.

Word-Is-Bond Warranty: Our helical piers come with a 30-year material warranty, leading the industry.  This is in addition to our own personal word-is-bond warranty.  In this warranty, we personally protect you if a product- or installation-related issue ever occurs.

Contact Us Today For All Your Helical Pier Installation Needs

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Childers Brothers for all of your sinking foundation needs in Abilene, Texas.  Contact us today for a free inspection.

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