Pier And Beam Adjustment Can Prevent Foundation Failure

Abilene Pier and Beam Adjustment

Does Your Home Have A Crawl Space?

You Might Need A Pier And Beam Adjustment

We Can Adjust Your Piers And Beams So They Are Like New

Do you have an older home in Abilene? If so, then there’s a good chance that you have a pier and beam foundation. If you think you’re having crawl space issues, then you’ve found the right company to turn to for a pier and beam adjustment.

At Childers Brothers, we specialize in pier and beam adjustments for your crawl space foundation. Pier and beam foundations are known to fail for several reasons. We can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem to find the solution your home needs:

  • Deflected grade beams
  • Supports that have sunken into the ground
  • Cracked and broken joists
  • Rotted sill plates
  • Malfunctioning beams

We use a 27-Point Analysis to determine what the root cause of your problem is and find the right solution.  Regardless of whether your home has settled or heaved, we can adjust your piers and beams so that they are holding the correct amount of weight.

Preventative Care: Get Your Piers And Beams Adjusted Every Two To Four Years

Maintaining your piers and beams is an essential part of crawl space maintenance. Unlike concrete foundations, pier and beam foundations have a lot fewer support points. Because of this, they are quite as sturdy and require some extra maintenance.

While this is not what you want to hear as a homeowner, preventative maintenance is a lot cheaper in the long run than the disastrous consequences of having misaligned piers and beams. A little bit of prevention can end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Think You Have Crawl Space Problems?

Childers Brothers Crawl Space Issues Pier & Beam Foundation

There are many signs that your piers and beams need adjustment. You could have sloping, sagging, or bouncing floors. Windows and doors may be hard to open and close. There may be cracks appearing in your sheetrock or brick.

If you have any of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will use our 27-Point Analysis to effectively determine the cause of your problems and find a solution.

Why Choose Childers Brothers?

At Childers Brothers, we never try to make an extra buck at your expense.  We only ever suggest repair methods that we truly believe will resolve our customers’ problems.  Our reputation was built on core values like this, and we don’t ever intend to change.

We are an innovative company that grows as the industry grows.  We keep up with changing technology and only use the industry’s best materials.  All of our technicians are trained and up to date on technology.

We believe in accountability.  If something goes wrong, we will take care of it with no finger-pointing or blame game.

Contact us for your free assessment.  We will find the solution to all of your foundation problems.

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