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Amarillo Epoxy Crack Repair

Expert Epoxy Crack Repair For Amarillo, TX

At Childers Brothers, we excel in epoxy crack repair because we use only THE BEST products available. We’ve been in business helping Amarillo-area homeowners like you for nearly half a century, and we’ve earned a reputation based purely on quality in that time.

That’s where rubber meets road—injecting life back into structures you care about most when foundations begin losing integrity and failing. Our professionalism, premier products, and installation experience make the difference.

Common Epoxy Crack & Foundation Repair Applications

First, we’ll inspect the cracks in question, the structures they impact, and their surrounding scenarios. This lets us determine which type of epoxy to use. Low viscosity resins can more easily get themselves into the marrow of cracks, while thick resins will only provide a quasi-patch and are meant for other applications. No matter what you need, our products are both cost-effective and proven.

Structural & Flooring Repair

Don’t worry, it’s probably not your fault your concrete needs repairing. Five common reasons for homeowners include the following:

  • The incremental damage of time, as well as extreme weather events.
  • The concrete was improperly poured, or to specifications that were only off by a hair.
  • Perhaps the prefabricated sections of your slabs were micro-damaged during transport.
  • The foundation is faulty for a variety of reasons we’ve touched on.
  • There’s improper movement of water happening without your knowledge, like drainage.

We can leverage resins for areas subject to shock and vibration, horizontal surfaces, bonding and anchoring (steel into concrete), bonding new and older concrete, and more. After close to 50 years in the trade, we’ve seen it all.

Increased Joint Protection

Your property’s concrete takes a beating. Some places are worse than others, of course, especially their joints and edging. We work with full-depth materials with strength and flexibility to add layers of protection so your concrete can easily withstand tons of traffic.

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We have a host of solutions for repairs and to improve your home’s protection. Contact Us today.

Our Other Core Services

Foundation Repair

Helping Amarillo homeowners get their house leveled quickly and cost-effectively has been a specialty of ours since 1972. We understand the challenges you face.

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Soil Stabilization

We understand the expansive clay and various soils of the Texas panhandle, especially in/ around Amarillo—offering a host of stabilization solutions.

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Basement Repair

By the time you’ve noticed the cracking and bowing, the problem’s been growing a while. We have the technicians, tools, experience, and technology.

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Concrete Coating

From Chip and Quartz coatings to a huge variety of options to transform flooring, we provide the best products and installation expertise.

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

“The employees went right to work and did their job. Asked me if I had questions. Explained a few things. I was pleased with the job.”

Amarillo, TX

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