Amarillo Helical Piers

Foundation-Leveling Helical Piers In Amarillo, TX

Childers Brothers is your #1 resource for helical piers in Amarillo, Texas and surrounding areas. We’ve been in business since 1972 and have an outstanding history and reputation behind us. We provide the best bare, galvanized, and steel piers along with our highly-qualified professionals to install them on your property.

Compared to other home leveling methods, helical piers can handle a variety of loads up to 500 tons. They are a hands-down better value compared to conventional driven or drilled piles, which don’t go as deep and fail to meet the same high capacities.

Advantages Of Childers Brothers Helical Piers

Easy Installation

Our technicians are vetted, educated, experienced, professional, and friendly. We ensure efficient installation that’s done once and done right.

Pinpoint Precision

We use special equipment to make certain we install your helical piers to the exact right level in the ground. No guesswork—period.

Custom Fabrication

We can fabricate custom piles and brackets for exact specifications or designs your home or commercial property requires.

Retaining Walls

Helical piers are a great solution for residential retaining wall stabilization—immediate loading, no cure, predictable holding strength, and benefits galore!

Helical Pier Benefits For Stabilizing Your Home

Being an effective retaining wall strengthener without having to wait for any concrete or grout to cure, helical piers are deep foundation support that are stronger than ordinary driven piles.

Amarillo homeowners like yourself start researching piers and considering them for home leveling or stabilization purposes when one or a mixture of the following signs appear…

  • Windows and doors in one area of the property are beginning to stick.
  • You’re seeing gaps around window and door frames, perhaps abruptly.
  • You notice the walls are leaning.
  • Along with walls, a chimney or other roofing structure begins to lean or tilt.
  • Signs that core structural assets are losing integrity, threatening your investment.

We can help choose the perfect pier and repair the foundations of your property to ensure it keeps and continues to build value long into the future.

Professional Installation Considerations

The specialized installation of helical piers should be done by professionals, not a day labor crew with no real knowledge of site soils and the actual product. For example, what if footings need extra slab support due to weaker soil capacity to prevent future flooring damage? Soil corrosion potential must be included in initial design specifications,

Because our technicians thoroughly understand Texas Panhandle soils, we’ll be better equipped to define the soil on your site and predict the longer-term behavior of helical piers over time. Don’t worry if you lack sufficient soil data or you’ve never really worked with any soil engineers. Our network in the Amarillo area makes it so we can handle any marginal soil and get you significant savings in this respect.

Get Scheduled For An Easy No-Obligation Inspection

Our friendly staff will schedule you for a free no-obligation 27-Point Analysis so we can properly assess your situation and diagnose the problem. Afterward, you’ll receive a professional and specific quote with recommended actions to take and what the average associated costs are relative to your circumstances.

Foundation Repair

We understand Texas Panhandle soils, and since 1972 have established ourselves as authorities in house leveling, beams, and adjustment services.

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Soil Stabilization

Around Amarillo, most damage is caused by expansive clay, shrinking and swelling. We offer proven soil stabilization solutions.

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Basement Repair

Whether it’s cracking walls, uneven flooring, drywall problems, exterior brickwork or porch sag, we get the basement back to normal for less.

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