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Childers Brothers: Expert Mudjacking Services
In Amarillo, TX

Once you begin seeing cracks and notice your concrete is sinking, it’s time to contact Childers Brothers for concrete leveling. Don’t let unsafe, unsightly, and uneven concrete become both a hazard and an eyesore for your Amarillo home or business. We’ll restore both your peace of mind and curb appeal.

Mudjacking 101: What Is It?

Mudjacking is done by injecting a slurry mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement under your uneven concrete. Whether your problems were caused by degraded soil stability, out-of-control tree roots, or improper water drainage systems, mudjacking is an old time-tested method of releveling concrete.

Technically, most concrete can be mudjacked (ideally it should be concrete in sound condition), though we often recommend choosing slab-leveling foam because it’s cleaner, quicker, and lasts longer. Both mudjacking and foam leveling are great for smaller slabs (think sideways and porches) to create a solid stable fill bringing concrete back to where it’s supposed to be.

Is Mudjacking Right For You?

Over the decades, our technicians have used mudjacking to level concrete in some tight and awkward spaces. Most concrete can be worked on, with one special case being reserved for concrete placed too close to retaining wall areas.

Your property and situation are unique and should be inspected by a Childers Brothers professional to really get down to brass tacks when it comes to what you’re dealing it. Some of the most common applications for effective and long-lasting results include:

  • Raising your porch if one of its supports has sunk or begun sagging.
  • Getting under and raising concrete steps so they’re uniform steps again.
  • Small to moderate-sized slabs for walkways or sidewalks around the property.
  • Your garage floor, or in some cases your driveway if the traffic isn’t too substantial.

The Benefits Of Mudjacking

Less Expensive: The costs of these types of services are always changing, but mudjacking is typically less expensive than foam injection and full-blown concrete replacement.

Less Mess, Cleanup: Mudjacking is clean and tidy compared to the mess of complex repairs or pulling up concrete, breaking it apart, and replacing it.

Minimal Disturbance: The environmental impact is extremely small because nothing’s being sent off to the landfill, and there’s almost no disturbance to the surrounding landscaping.

Our Other Core Services

Since 1972, we have developed a host of concrete and foundation repair or leveling services, along with soil stabilization. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help transform your Amarillo property. Call today and we’ll set you up with a free no-obligation inspection and comprehensive quote so you know what your options are.

Foundation Repair

We have a long and trusted history with homeowners in our area going back close to 50 years. We’re foundation repair experts to count on.

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Soil Stabilization

Almost no one understands Texas panhandle soils like we do. We have a host of stabilization solutions for homes and businesses.

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Basement Repair

If your basement’s showing signs of settling, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our technicians are prompt and will provide an in-depth analysis for free.

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