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Amarillo Soil Stabilization

Expert Soil Stabilization Services For Your Amarillo, TX Home

Childers Brothers has been providing soil stabilization services in the Amarillo, Texas area for decades now.

A homeowner typically seeks these types of services when their property begins sinking or structural components start cracking, oftentimes as a result of issues with the foundational soil beneath.

One way we address these types of problems is through chemical grouting, which might be perfectly suited for your circumstances. If not, there are other options we’ll briefly delve into below, but first, perhaps you’re more interested in the EcSS 3000 technology.

Childers Brothers EcSS 3000 – Soil Stabilizer

When the situation calls for it, we can use EcSS 3000, a powerful mixture that’s injected into the soil to stabilize it, thereby making it more compact and reducing the risk of it settling in the future. It does this by making the soil unable to absorb or retain water which leads to swelling; environmentally-friendly and safe for both humans and animals as well as plant life.

Rest assured we offer the best, most experienced service backed by our Word-Is-Bond Warranty where we cover and guarantee our work. Having first opened our doors in 1972, we pride ourselves on our experience (15,000+ happy customers), an excellent reputation, and our knowledgeable, courteous team members.

Free Inspections & Quotes for Amarillo Homeowners!

Are you seeing any of these signs of foundation trouble?

  • Cracks appearing in your drywall, ceilings, or any concrete flooring or walkways.
  • Windows and doors sticking because the floor around them has become uneven.
  • Corresponding gaps around these same windows and doors signaling other problems.
  • Broken-down or severely outdated waterproofing no longer providing any protection.
  • Your chimney’s leaning and you noticed water pooling or ponding around the property.

If so, it sounds like you’re in need of the Childers Brothers. We’ve done all the hard work setting ourselves apart from other foundation companies in the Amarillo, TX area, so you can feel at ease giving us a call today.

We’re happy to send one of our specialists to examine any areas of concern in your home and, if we conclude your home would benefit from soil stabilization services, provide a professional and reasonable quote on the spot. Contact us today!

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“The crew was very professional. They showed up when promised and completed the job in the projected time…communicated with me well and often.”

Amarillo, TX

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