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Artesia Concrete Coating

Childers Brothers: Artesia, NM Concrete Coating Services

The two most important parts of successfully coating concrete for your Artesia, NM property — be it commercial, residential or industrial — is to have the coating installed by a professional and use the best products for the purpose. At Childers Brothers, we stand at the ready with highly experienced technicians who are trained to work with top of the line concrete coatings.

Benefits of Coatings on Exterior Surfaces

The exterior concrete coatings we work with are strong, powerful, and professional. They are great for pool decks, the driveway, any exposed aggregate concrete, new concrete, pathways and walkways, and so on.

Here is some important information about our concrete coatings for exterior surfaces…

  • For waterproofing, we have DOT-approved water repellents, densifiers, wet-look sealers, high-gloss options, and more.
  • Can be applied to poured or stamped concrete, pavers, aggregate, as well as natural stone.
  • Add dramatic levels of resistance against more than wetness — UV, dusting, general wear and tear, fire, the natural freeze/thaw cycle, and more.
  • Wave goodbye to common salt-based damage and efflorescence (salt coating), as well as mold and mildews of course.

Benefits of Coatings on Interior Surfaces

With interior concrete coatings, it comes down to what sort of surface we’re talking about. Are you building a large-scale commercial kitchen or new sports car showroom? Is this for a residential basement area or an industrial chemical warehouse? We have products for every situation, but they’re specifically designed.

Info about our concrete coatings for interior surfaces…

  • The aesthetic angle is going to blow you away. Picture absolutely glorious and brilliantly shiny concrete slabs with a high-gloss top coat.
  • Adds protection for indoor types of foot or vehicle traffic, wear and tear from office equipment, and just about anything else you’re dealing with (or expect to).

At the end of the day, concrete coatings protect your investment, increase value, and help you do much more with your available space.

Factors That Determine the Costs of Concrete Coating

One of the most common calls we get concerning our concrete coating services is whether we can provide a quote over the phone. To provide you with an accurate quote, we’ll need to inspect your project area in-person for the following…

  1. The Size of Your Project— Dimensions, layout, types of surfaces, harder to reach areas, etc. We also have to consider what’s underneath the concrete in question.
  2. Variable Goals — Each project is different or unique in how our technicians are to blend both the aesthetic and performance-based considerations.
  3. State of Concrete— Our technicians need to investigate for cracks, moisture content, hardness, to see how porous it is, and more.

Get A Quote On Concrete Coating In Artesia
Call us today or use the Contact Us page to get in touch, and we’ll get back promptly. We can get you set up for your free consultation where our technician can diagnose the absolute best (potentially custom blend) coating to suit your needs. We look forward to hearing from you. 

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Great looking stone on the patio after it was leveled and cracks filled!!”


Clovis, NM

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