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Need to level your foundation. Call Childers Brothers to install helical piers in your Artesia, NM home. Don’t let a weakened or failing foundation threaten your investment. We’re a local family-owned company that’s been serving New Mexico residents in Artesia, Clovis, and more for generations (founded in 1972).

Let’s look at two of the more common factors that contribute to foundation problems so you better understand what might be going on.

  • Soil Settlement: some settlement is perfectly normal, but it does lead to both wear and tear (the freeze/thaw cycle for example) as well as potential foundation failure if left unchecked or there’s an emergency.
  • Encroaching Foliage: Not only do critters and animals play a role in soil settlement, but overgrown tree roots can become a serious problem that appears seemingly out of nowhere. They can get too long, yes, but they can also steadily shrink foundational soil by sucking all the moisture out.

These are by no means the only causes of foundation trouble. But they are two of the most prevalent.

To remedy an uneven foundation, helical piers have been used to add support to structures like your home. The benefits of piers are outstanding. They don’t add pressure to your home or the structure we’re working with and they are built to last. We utilize the strongest helical piers in the industry. In fact, we’ve installed thousands of them and only had to come back to fixe one ONCE. 100% of the helical piers we work with, including resistance piers, are regularly and systematically tested to ensure they meet all the highest quality and loading capacity standards and building codes — ICC-ES AC358.

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Along with helical piers, we also offer a range of other foundation-related repair services for Artesia homeowners — mudjacking, compaction grouting, soil stabilization, and more.

No matter what you need, the first step in this process is to contact us. We’ll answer initial questions you have and can schedule your free in-home consultation. This isn’t a sales appointment, but a serious part of our process that involves a deep 27-point analysis of your property.

Whether you choose to move forward with us after the analysis is up to you. Our main goal is to provide you with information on your best options. It’s that simple!

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Outstanding! From the time I contacted the office to the finished contract… phenomenal, professional, and personable. They are there when they say they will be. Very thorough evaluation that addressed all of our concerns. No question was too big or too small for our foreman. The entire crew was fantastic; they completed their work with the precision of a well-oiled machine. It was amazing to watch! I cannot express how good they are at what they do! Thank you for a fantastic experience!”


Clovis, NM

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