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Childers Brothers: Mudjacking Services for Artesia, New Mexico

Are you interested in concrete raising via mudjacking to improve your Artesia, New Mexico property? Without the help of professionals like Childers Brothers, it can be an extremely daunting task whether we’re talking about a private residence or business.

Common questions swimming around your mind right now might include the following:

  • Should I just replace the concrete instead of trying to deal with leveling?
  • How will it look after it’s leveled, will it get damaged in the process or look shabby?
  • If I replace the slab, should I replace everything?
  • If I raise the slab, patches will be created — what will they end up looking like?

There’s plenty of others and each one is 110% valid. Aesthetics are an important factor to consider, because yes, whether we opt to use mudjacking or precision injection foam, there will be new material pumped under the slabs through holes our technicians will carefully create and then seal and polish over afterwards.

Mudjacking isn’t a perfect one-size-fits-all solution. Often, we’ll suggest injection foam whenever aesthetics or a high-value surface are involved (often coated with expensive concrete coatings, which we also can do for you if needed once leveling is done).

The basic answers to which you need depend on the situation. There will typically be more holes and patches with mudjacking than precision foam. However, we know how to leave slabs looking like a) we were practically never there and b) the concrete was never out of alignment or uneven in the first place, regardless of which method our technician chooses.

All Childers Brothers work is under warranty, and our technicians don’t make decisions based on assumptions, shoddy science, or guesstimations. The concrete will be level, and our crew will completely clean up before leaving.

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Don’t let your concrete slabs remain an eyesore or potential hazard. Don’t let them keep sinking and causing more problems for your property. Contact us today to get your questions answered, concerns addressed, and schedule your highly-valuable no-obligation consultation with one of our concrete technicians.

Once they arrive, the goal is to first and foremost get to the bottom of why the slabs are sinking in the first place. Is this a very localized issue, or a sign of something larger in the works? You’ll get all the information you need to make the best decision possible.

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