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Artesia Soil Stabilization

Childers Brothers: Artesia, NM Soil Stabilization Services

Is your Artesia, NM home showing signs of foundation trouble? If so, you should most definitely check out Childers Brothers soil stabilization services — we’re a local family-owned company that goes back nearly 50 years, and we understand this area’s soils like no other company. What’s most important is to act now.

Depending on the signs you’re seeing, the situation could be serious or it’s not serious NOW but has been growing in intensity for a long while. Keep in mind, we’re talking about pre-existing structures. Of course, we can stabilize soil during the initial construction phases as well (chiefly using the EcSS 3000 which we’ll discuss below).

Surefire Signs Of Existing Structural Settling

  • One or more areas of your home are showing signs of sagging, tilting above-ground walls, or bowing basement walls.
  • This is causing it to become hard to impossible to shut doors and windows in impacted areas because of unevenness or separation (gaps).
  • Non-superficial or non-cosmetic and increasingly serious cracks are appearing in walls, flooring, and ceilings. Also in molding, caulking, trim, etc.

Once we arrive at your property, our technicians will undergo a very thorough and professional 27-point analysis. The goal is to get a complete view of what’s happening on the structural level as well as with the soil.

The EcSS 3000 Soil Stabilization Solution

Our EcSS 3000 soil stabilizer is one of the most permanent solutions when the cause of settling has to do with expansive clay-based soils. Simply put, we’re going to rearrange the molecular composition of the soil so that it has FAR less ability to absorb/soak in moisture. This will reduce the amount of the freeze/thaw cycle it goes through as well; also, it will allow the soil to be more stable when wet weather wreaks havoc.

Other features of EcSS 3000:

  • Perfectly safe for humans, animals, and landscaping. It’s not a mad science project.
  • The solution has been scientifically proven in three separate independent studies from major universities.
  • Millions upon millions of square feet of soil have been successfully stabilized already.

Free Soil Stabilization Quote For Artesia Homeowners

Use our Contact Us page or dial our number right now for more information about our soil stabilization services for the Artesia area. We’ll get your questions answered, concerns addressed, and set you up with your free in-home, no-obligation consultation with a Childers Brothers professional.

No sales pressure, no gimmicks, no nonsense — just quality service and a thorough breakdown of what’s happening, along with a completely transparent and genuine quote. We look forward to hearing from you. 

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“I am only trusting that the EcSS 3000 lives up to the expectations. However, I am already recommending Childers Bros to some of my neighbors who are having the same problems; this based simply on the professionalism and courtesy of the team that applied the product. The crew who came to my home were exceptional. I was especially impressed with their care for my property and clean-up after the application.”


Artesia, NM

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