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Fantastic Concrete Coating Options

Because concrete is one of the most common construction materials around Big Spring, Texas, part of your home is most likely constructed from it. While immensely strong, it is not impermeable and you will eventually find unsightly cracks that need repair. We can take care of all of your problems with our awesome concrete coating options.

Over time, concrete takes in water, causing it to swell.  Eventually this will lead to cracks and crumbling.  This is both unattractive and damaging to the entire structure.  Luckily at Childers Brothers, we offer a variety of concrete coating options that will protect your concrete from water damage and keep it looking great!

Types Of Concrete Coatings Available At Childers Brothers

At Childers Brothers, we offer six different kinds of concrete coatings. We have exactly what you need to protect your concrete and make it visually appealing.

1. Chip System

Childers Brothers Concrete Coating Using Chips SystemOur chip system is an extremely durable option. You can choose from a variety of patterns and colors. It offers a unique multilayer design for high-traffic spaces.

2. Quartz

Quartz offers durability with added chemical resistance. This type of coating is designed for the toughest of environments.

3. Solid Color Epoxy

Having risen in popularity over the last couple of decades, solid color epoxy offers a glossy appearance, long-lasting durability, and excellent adhesion. It features chemical and abrasion resistance.

4. Solid Color Polyurea

Solid color polyurea is designed for everything from showrooms to your garage floor. It is specially formulated to withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of extreme cold weather.

5. Metallic

If you want to transform your plain concrete into dazzling metallic flooring, this is the option for you. It offers a 3D marbleized look.

6. Formcove

Formcove is best for when you want a perfect fit cove base where flooring and walls meet. This is a particularly vulnerable area. It will help to prevent water damage, bacterial creep, and grime and muck accumulation.

Why Choose Childers Brothers For Your Concrete Sealing Needs

At Childers Brothers we believe in being relentlessly reliable.  This means that we show up on time, stick to our schedule, communicate clearly, and keep our promises.

Extensive planning is done on your project up front. This prevents problems and delays and ensures a smooth outcome.

We are also neat freaks. Because repair jobs can get messy, we strive to do all of our work as neatly as possible, leaving your home the way we found it.

Our 27-Point Analysis will get down to the root cause of your problem.  This way we can ensure that we are providing you with the exact solution that you need.  We are the opposite of our competition who typically do a very minimal 10 minute inspection that barely scrapes the surface of your problem.

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