Foundation Repair – Big Spring

Prompt & Professional Foundation Repair For Big Spring Texas

With 48+ years of local experience in this specific area of Texas, Big Spring homeowners trust Childers Brothers for their foundation repair needs. First and foremost, we guarantee our foundation repair work, and that guarantee is as solid as one of our thick steel helical piers.

As we like to say, “Our history has been loud and proud since 1972!” And thanks to our clay-based soils, one in four homes in our area of the country are impacted by soil expansion. This means we’re always busy!

Some settlements are typical. Some aren’t. If your Big Spring, Texas home is showing signs of foundation trouble, don’t hesitate to contact our team right away. Some of these signs include:

Inside Structure: You see simple fractures in your walls becoming serious cracks with jagged angled edges. There may also be sheetrock damage, or your doors and windows may be sticking as flooring lifts and sags.

Outside Structure: Same thing with exterior cracking, especially horizontal foundation or concrete repair, cracking above windows and doors, and other tell-tale signs that structural elements are shifting.

Garage Area: The garage floor may also be showing severe signs of shifting and foundation damage. Do you see uneven cracks or much worse? Are slabs lifting, or do you see gaps at the seams of walls?

Basement & Crawl Space: If you have a crawl space or a pier & beam foundation, there could be a whole list of signs that foundation repair is urgently needed. We typically begin our inspections in these areas.

Our Suite Of Services

Foundation Repair: Let Proven Professionals Stabilize Your Home

Once those ‘signs’ and ‘symptoms’ become serious problems you’ve GOT to deal with, we’re ready for your call. We’ve been in the area a long time, so we know when weather patterns are going to cause an uptick in foundation repair calls thanks to our cruel clay-based soils (especially if your home is less than 5-10 years old). We know this area, we know this soil, and we’ve been working with homes like yours for close to a half-century.


Basement Stabilization: For Safety & Security

When we need to significantly strengthen the soil, increase the soil’s load-bearing capacity, and prevent it from becoming saturated in the future, we turn to proven solutions like the EcSS 3000. This is a permanent way to reduce settlement. It’s safe for humans, animals, and the environment, as this technology changes the molecular structure of your soil.

Childers Brothers Foundation Repair Methods

Helical Piers

If your project requires a bold, reliable solution that can handle more demanding foundational leveling, our helical piers are incredibly effective. We use only the best, most heavily tested piers in the industry, and our technicians are always up to date on installing, repairing, and replacing them.

Pier & Beam Adjustment

In Big Spring and surrounding areas like Lubbock, Abilene, and Midland, pier and beam foundations are still relatively common. We have extensive services — adjusting, replacing, strengthening, updating, and more to return peace of mind and increase property value while we’re at it.

Epoxy Crack Repair

We differ from the competition and all the many retail options out there due to the premium levels of quality of our resins. Also, our expertise in their application is well-proven after all these decades! Whether we’re repairing cracks, filling voids, addressing water encroachment issues, or strengthening poured concrete, you get top-notch work at affordable, no-nonsense prices.

Slab-Lifting Foam

We can replace concrete slabs, but sometimes it makes far more sense to repair and relevel concrete rather than tear it apart and toss it. One method we use is our modern polyurethane slab-lifting foam. Or, we can turn to mudjacking–where foam differs is that it’s lighter, less messy, and we can be incredibly precise.

Free Inspections & Quotes for the People of Big Spring

No obligations. No sales-speak. No living room pitches. No nonsense! When you contact Childers Brothers, you’re going to be treated fairly and with the utmost respect. Our reputation means everything to us, and this business is part of our heart and soul. Once you contact our team, we’ll schedule your free inspection to get all the information and answers you need quickly to make the best choice possible.

In-Depth Analysis

Rather than guesswork, we have an in-depth 27-point analysis we go through to get rid of any assumptions or approximations. Childers Brothers only care about facts, proven science, and hard numbers.

Custom Solutions

Sure, many Big Spring properties are similar and have plenty in common, but we don’t do cookie-cutter solutions. Your project will be custom and unique to your needs and your situation.

Pro Workmanship

There is simply no possible way we could still be in business in this area after 48+ years if we didn’t know what we were doing. Feel free to browse our reviews and feedback online. There’s plenty of it.


Arguably the #1 theme in our customer reviews and testimonials is reliability. We aren’t going to let you down. We come through. We follow through. Always have. From our humble beginnings to today.

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